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A Love Letter to 2011
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Molly Crabapple's Shell Game "Illustrates Occupy and the Revolutions of 2011"

Democracy, Ow: A Q&A with Discordia authors Laurie Penny and Molly Crabapple
Street Art And The New Bohemian
Art After Occupy
When I got the job as a staff artist at a nightclub, the dream came true. It was the sort of impossibly swank joint where Saudi princelings blew $20,000 a night on champagne. Meanwhile, onstage, the world’s best vaudeville performers would do acrobatic, carefully choreographed acts about cutting off banker’s heads. My boss had the depravity of a Borgia prince, but goddamn, he understood my art. I drew my beloved performers as gods. Customers were coke snorting pigs.

It got me thinking that all it takes to get political is a sharp eye, a mocking disposition, a discomfort with your place.
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Neato! Was expecting Lower-East-Side-circa-1970s-style woodblock prints (ala Bread & Puppet Theater) but am digging the illustrative intricacy.
An anatomy of Zuccotti park, from the free cigarette table to the obnoxious drum circle to the people's library, with appearances by Tim Pool, Shamar Thomas and Tony Bologna. All signage is authentic, especially 'Shit is Fucked up and bullshit'
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2011. I remember it as if it were only yesterday.
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From twitter: @gemini_scorpio: Didn't think this would happen: New York ordered to pay up over NYPD's destruction of Occupy property. #ows
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wow, that illustration is beautiful. put me down as another "my god, I remember it like it was yesterday."
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Yeah sometimes I freak out that's 2013 and "what the hell did I do for the last two years?' and then I remember -oh wait THAT THING.
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Homeland Security Spied On Peaceful Protestors; Worried About Protests Getting News Coverage (huffington, original)
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New York ordered to pay up over NYPD's destruction of Occupy property.

NYPD Raid on Occupy Wall Street Just Cost the City $350,000

Thanks, NYPD: OWS Library Wins Settlement As City Hemorrhages More Money
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We're all going to see the show tonight!
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The Spirit of Occupy Wall Street Is Alive in Berlin
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Cops Who Pepper-Sprayed, Punched Occupy Protesters Escape DA Charges
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Shell Game: CreativeCommons release
posted by homunculus at 4:19 PM on May 2, 2013

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