Look what you made them do
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When NYPD officers fire 331 shots, and hit 16 targeted people, 24 dogs, but also 14 bystanders, there is a problem. That problem is the people who are making the NYPD think they need to open fire. That's why the District Attorney has indicted Glenn Broadnax, the mentally ill homeless man who created the disturbance in Times Square back in September.

From the PopeHat link: As long as you ignore the fact that the shooting victims were innocent bystanders, hitting two people with three shots represents unusual excellence in marksmanship for the NYPD, matching another recent incident in which skilled NYPD officers were able to hit their target and nine bystanders with only 16 bullets. Overall the NYPD usually requires about 331 rounds to hit 54 targets, of which 14 will be innocent bystanders, 24 will be dogs, and 16 will be people the NYPD was actually aiming at. Statistically, if you aren't a dog, it is slightly more dangerous to be the person the NYPD was shooting at than a bystander (16 people out of 331 shots for intended targets for a 4.8% hit rate vs. 14 people out of 331 shots for bystanders, a 4.2% hit rate.) NYPD has a better success rate for other weapons, and certain factors, like shooting unarmed people in the back, tend to increase hit rates.
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"Stop making me hit you!"
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Well, fuck this shit nine ways to Sunday.
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We should take away their guns until they can pass their safety classes.
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We should take away their guns.
posted by pracowity at 7:01 AM on December 6, 2013

We should take away their badges and their guns.
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Elected politicians never fail to find some way to parse the situation so that the police are never, ever, at fault, do they?
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