There's a hole in my soul
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Between Ziggy and Aladdin Sane there was, briefly, Cobbler Bob (SLYT)
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I think he meant "sole."
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No wai.

Oh, no way.
But +1 for The Good Life and Lego.
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Angie, I guess you can't say he never tried.
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Awwww, imagine the Cobbler Bob tour, with the giant platform shoes where the band is playing.

There's a hole in my sole and it searches for goal
Riveting and pivoting and taking the dole
Where my life...
wears thin...

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The audio is from Adam Buxton’s recent show about Bowie for BBC 6 Music.
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The illustrator for Cobbler Bob's sketch is Dan Berry, who has a lot of other comics on his website. He also illustrated a piece for the Memory Palace podcast which is worth checking out.
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OH man, I was hoping this was new amazing sketch comedy team wonderfulness.
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That snuck up and made me happy. It also reminded me of stepping on playskool toys with cold feet though. The thoughts ran into each other mid-spine and gave me a giggle. Thanks.
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If you have any love of the works of Mr Bowie I suggest you urgently listen to Adam Buxton's show (linked by misteraitch above). It's full of genius comedy.
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This is timely. I've been on a huge 70's era Bowie bender lately. I plan to savour Buxton's show tonight. Thanks for that.
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He has to have seen this by now, and I hope he had a good laugh with it.

And it's not too far-fetched, I mean, The Laughing Gnome is a real thing...
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And right before Ziggy Stardust there was... Arnold Corns.

...Which actually produced some of the best unreleased David Bowie songs, some reworked into later releases, some not.
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this is a fundamentally inaccurate piece. Ziggy was never differentiated from Aladdin. They were the same character, just two different albums. Ziggy wasn't "killed" until the end of the Aladdin Sane tour.

also, neither Angie or David were that heavyset in the early 1970s, nor are they now. And their skin wasn't yellow, even with makeup.
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That was funny. I've only recently become acquainted with Buxton's radio show -- after listening to an episode with Jonny and Colin Greenwood of Radiohead -- and look forward to searching through the archives.
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Oh, and reading, "Ground control to Cobbler Bob" in the comments section made me laugh harder than I should have.
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"Bob knew... how to hammer and screw,
he could lay down the stucco, put up drywall
bad cat grimace... spackling paste and trawl,
He could drill into plaster, leave wallpaper to hang,
but he couldn't patch the hole in his soul.."

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