Get familiar with our phylogeny
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Organisms Do Evolve. An evolution-themed parody of "Wrecking Ball" (possibly nsfw) by Carin Bondar.
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Organisms have evolved to dislike the taste of dirty sledgehammers, thankfully.

Man, I would love to see the lyrics for this!
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The lyrics are there under "Show more," but I'll paste them here:

They fought, they strained, their lives in vain
They thought, always asking why
Not blessed but shunned, the world was stunned
But facts, no one could deny

You might think you know, only just suppose
What you're told isn't true

Facts you can't deny, science doesn't lie
There is actual proof

That organisms do evolve
That giant mystery's been solved
Creationism's proven false
Get familiar with our phylogeny

Yes, our phylogeny.

There's A, there's C there's T there's G,
They're called nucleotides
The helix turns with no concern
For Gods, or religious lives

Gene diversity, stochasticity
Just the fittest survive
Then they procreate, and some genes mutate
Varied forms are derived.

Yes organisms do evolve,
The experts have worked hard to solve
The complex processes involved
In the earth's history

Yes organisms do evolve,
There's no more mystery to solve,
Fundamental to life overall
Get familiar with our biology

Scholarship and science answer for
Absolute complexities within
Both extant and extinct creature forms
Understanding that is not a sin

Scholarship and science answer for
Incidents where divergence begins
Understanding that is not a sin
You might think you know, only just suppose
What you're told isn't true.

Cuz organisms do evolve,
There's no more mystery to solve
Creationism's proven false
Get familiar with our phylogeny

Yes organisms do evolve,
Such complex processes resolved
Fundamental to life overall
Aim to understand our biology

It's our biology
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pedantfilter: Organisms don't evolve. Populations evolve.
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Great parody.

And it certainly brought the dumbasses out of the woodwork, judging by the comments.

I tell myself to never read them. Oh, why don't I listen?
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The original is a catchy song -- I hope this leads to many more parodies and reinventions of it.
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Pretty good, but she's not all that on swinging a sledge is she?

(The licking scene got me to snort, BTW.)
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Folow-up on the via link: What do you do with half a leg?
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Bondar's song is more informative than some textbooks.
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Evolution, You're Drunk
Before the advent of rapid, accurate, and inexpensive DNA sequencing technology in the early 2000s, biologists guessed that genes would provide more evidence for increasing complexity in evolution. Simple, early organisms would have fewer genes than complex ones, they predicted, just as a blueprint of Dorothy’s cottage in Kansas would be less complicated than one for the Emerald City. Instead, their assumptions of increasing complexity began to fall apart. First to go was an easy definition of how complexity manifested itself. After all, amoebas had huge genomes. Now, DNA analyses are rearranging evolutionary trees, suggesting that the arrow scientists envisioned between simplicity and complexity actually spins like a weather vane caught in a tornado.
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