Batman and the Non Stop Beautiful Ladies
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French photographer Rémi Noël travelled through Texas with only his son's Batman figurine for company and took some amazing photographs. The photos are part of the This Is Not A Map series, with Noël's work representing "the least precise map of Texas in the history of Texas".
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I think Batman needs a plate for his beans. (That picture in particular made me smile, although I enjoyed most of them).
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So great.
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That toilet paper is not hiding him as well as he anticipated.
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Where are the beautiful ladies i was promised beautiful ladies.
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These are great.
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If you look at the Press section of the This Is Not A Map site, scroll down and you'll see another one of Batman hiding behind a Coke bottle which is great, and possibly my favourite.

Joe in Australia, I think the back of Batman's head has a disappointed air as well.
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I LOLed. Especially at the laundromat one. Imagine putting your black cape in with the whites! Batman seems underwhelmed by Texas. I hope he does some more traveling.

And yes the Dark Knight Coke bottle is a good'un.
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The grime of the sign contrasts so crisply with Batman's Helmut
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Well executed. The one on the railing with the bird is my favorite.
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Batman is not amused.
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Are there any bean themed villains? Because the can of beans has Adam West deathtrap written all over it.
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Andy Warhol?
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Worth the price of entry just for that first picture.
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This is wonderful. (And I think my parents had the Canadian version of that microwave cookbook for our microwave / convection oven. Whoa.)
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I enjoyed these photos so much. Creativity comes in so many surprising forms. Bravo!
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Where are the beautiful ladies i was promised beautiful ladies.

you're using the internet, go nuts
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"Adventures in Microwave Cooking," indeed!
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That's awesome, and I also love the Coke bottle photo.
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Much better than that goddamn lawn gnome.
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Where are the beautiful ladies i was promised beautiful ladies.

I believe that particular sign can be found along Interstate 10 somewhere southeast of El Paso. Might be as far as Van Horn but I don't think so.

(Edit: after streetviewing for a bit)

14401 Gateway Blvd W
El Paso, TX 79928

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Anyone else having trouble with the first link? I get the logo, plain text and links, and a lot of broken images. No proper layout, even though it loads quickly. The second link works fine. (Chrome on Windows 7)
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Careful in that sink, Batman.

Several years ago, in my last apartment, I noticed my sink was draining slowly. As the landlords could not be relied upon to investigate such matters quickly, I set about constructing myself an exploratory plumbing tool and plunged it in to the murky winding depths to see what I could see. After retrieving the usual viscous and smelly wad of hair and fetid toothpaste, I found that my implement was catching on something.

It was a tiny man. A tiny man made out of metal, still dapper in his hat and his suit. It seemed he had been caught in my drain for many years, as he had a substantial patina. He was clearly very late for work.

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Evocative of my own travels through northwestern Indiana accompanied by Barbie
and Eeyore. The authorities bade me destroy the negatives, though.
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Metafilter: Beautiful Ladies are located at 14401 Gateway Blvd W, but watch out for Batman.
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Big ol' bonus points for the Ranch beans.
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He needs to team up with 1/8 GatesMcFadden.
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This was so much better than I imagined it could be. Both wistful and hilarious.
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