Superbowl Commercials
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Some of you will be watching football, some of you will be watching the commercials (I suppose some of you will be watching both, and, let me acknowledge that some of you will not watch a damn thing and get that out of the way..).. For you commercial's a preview of many of the 2014 Superbowl Commercials... And, going back, here's HuffPo's list of the 50 best all time Superbowl Commercials. Warning PepsiEverythingBlue
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This is a great preview of the commercials this year:
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Super Bowl.
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That's what I said, Superbowl.
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Superb Owl?
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Watching TV for the commercials is like buying a dog for the ticks.
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Then I wouldn't suggest clicking on those links....because they are, like, all about commercials....And, I suspect you won't care to watch them....
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I've can't find any reference to it online, but I'm pretty sure I remember an article about the worst SB commercials which included one from a would-be upstart running shoe company in which an African long distance runner is jogging along in the countryside, a truck full of white soldier-type guys pull up beside him, shoot him with what turns out to be a tranquilizer dart and steal his shoes (BECAUSE THEY'RE THAT GOOD). When he comes to, he chases after the truck "comically" shaking his fist at them. Viewer reaction was...not good. Anyone else remember this?
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Guess I'll just leave this 2004 clip from the Daily Show about Super Bowl commercials here. That said, going to be excited to see 'em tomorrow.
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Well the 2004 ad is certainly a wonderful depiction of the Bud experience while this year's ghastly, cloying effort involving a puppy would make your teeth fall out.
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Every year we go to church and receive the holy sacrament of Bud Light and Doritos. Be cleansed, ye who have open eyes to truly gaze upon them and understand.

But anyway, it's one of those things like hyped coverage of holiday shopping numbers, where you realize the sausage factory runs through you.
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I already have a favorite.
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I just wonder what Goldiblox are going to be ripping off in order to guilt parents into buying their awful "engineering" toys.

I hope it has a narrative. Because like young girls, I only understand and enjoy things if they come with a soporific and badly written narrative.
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The Card Cheat - I think this might have been the ad you remembered?
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That's gotta be it, sysinfo...not as bad as the description I remembered, but still pretty lousy. "We'll force our customers to use our product, and they'll hate it!"
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But...if these companies show us their ad ahead of time, then we might not bother watching it tomorrow and we wouldn't see...their ad we already saw. And we might miss one of their competitor's ads. And the Super Bowl might get lower ratings which would mean they'd pay less for a Super Bowl ad next year...surely this is a big mistake?
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surely this is a big mistake?
The way you describe it, straight, it sounds like a smarter strategy than any Advertising/Marketing people I've ever known are capable of...
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The Card Cheat, I remember it. It was Just for feet Kenya Mission. It's embedded here too (scroll down a bit), if my site crashes again, because super bowl commercials traffic. Gaah.
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If this Seinfeld reunion is an elaborate Super Bowl ad, I will be happy to watch it, probably online after the fact. I was briefly annoyed at the idea of a Seinfeld reunion as a commercial for some meaningless brand, but then I remembered the characters in Seinfeld are amoral monsters.
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Well the 2004 ad is certainly a wonderful depiction of the Bud experience while this year's ghastly, cloying effort involving a puppy would make your teeth fall out.

Yeah, but the "puppy" ad will also make thousands of idiotic racists go GRAAAARR with impotent rage at the fact that they are being left behind by the rest of the country, so there's that.
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Why the hell am I watching Bill O'Reilly parrot right wing talking points while I'm trying to watch the Super Bowl + ads? What is this crap?
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I'm watching a commercial now right now where football personalities read the Declaration of Independence while patriotic-ish music plays in the background, and it feels super creepy to me. Jesus, Michele Obama is in it now?

It's about the military and veterans, ostensibly, which I guess I should like this because I'm a veteran and have family currently serving on active duty, but.

So weird.
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The way Denver is playing I'm kinda nostalgic for the Bill O'Reilly segment.
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Bud Light, Doritos and... Maserati‽
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Conservative outrage over the multi-language Coke ad.
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octothorpe: "Conservative outrage over the multi-language Coke ad."

If speaking American was good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for me.
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octothorpe: "Conservative outrage over the multi-language Coke ad."

Atlanta anchor’s 2-minute rant destroys ‘Christianity-believing’ Coca-Cola ad haters
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