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Apartheid in South Africa (1957) Documentary
February 12, 2014 8:46 AM   Subscribe

This film produced by the United States Federal Government in 1957 explores South Africa's apartheid policy, focusing on issues such as race relations, political practices, and segregated dwellings. The footage very radically contrasts the bleakness of black life with the privileges enjoyed by most whites as well as including several interviews with black leaders, while also giving the architects of Apartheid a platform to defend themselves and their policies. (34:11)
A fascinating snapshot of the time.

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posted by Blasdelb (4 comments total) 21 users marked this as a favorite

Fascinating footage. I'm pretty sure I'd seen some of it years ago somewhere, as a kid. I tried looking it up for my son when District 9 came out, but failed.
posted by 2N2222 at 10:00 AM on February 12 [1 favorite]

I'm sure this will be amazing and depressing. I watched a bit and I'll give the whole thing a shot, but if I find myself yelling at people I might have to stop.
posted by benito.strauss at 11:24 AM on February 12 [1 favorite]

Nice to see some screen time given to the Black Sash.
posted by psolo at 11:58 AM on February 12 [2 favorites]

Ooh this got really hard to watch at about 6 minutes.
posted by TheNewWazoo at 5:23 PM on February 12

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