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On this date in 1804, at Penydarren Ironworks in Wales, the first locomotive hauled passengers and freight for the first time. Richard Trevithick was the inventor who created it.
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Growing up in Cornwall, one of the "houses" at my primary school was called "Trevithick". This really only mattered at sports days and, as there were only 45-60 children in the whole school at any time, having any kind of persistent house system was kind of an insane nonsense. And yet I still remember some quite deeply passionate loyalties and conflicts arising at times.

There really is fuck all to do in Cornwall.
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It was only 4 years earlier then the first thread cutting lathe was put into use... things took off quickly after that.
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There really is fuck all to do in Cornwall

so mining tin not good enough for you?
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and it's not a railroad locomotive - it's a railway locomotive. In the UK they are railways.
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I can't remember at which age but it must have been primary school where we were taught these names, Trevithick and Stephenson and Watt. The spinning jenny and the rest of the pioneers of the Industrial Revolution.

I wonder if some 50 years forward, kids will learn about Larry and Sergey and Ellison and Jobs in quite the same way?
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What amazing clockwork style gears, I'm surprised this is not built as a model train.
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Man, I just went on a half hour wikitrip about trains. From the Rocket to the Shinkansen/TGV in about 140 years?

Travel really is the hardest problem to solve, isn't it? I weigh about 225#, it ain't easy to move that anywhere cheaply.

I'm surprised this is not built as a model train.

That's not how you spell LEGO.
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