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Stacey Nightmare is a completely normal human woman who vines under the name Stacey Nightmare for no reason at all. She enjoys fitness and music. She has a pet spider named Gretchen. She lives in Brooklyn. [[Everything nsfw]]
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She's on Vine now, huh? I used to follow her on Twitter, what seems like forever ago. She always managed to put things right on the edge of uncomfortable, while often being very funny.
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Some might argue that the edge was the invention of Vine and her participation in it is a car making a Thelma and Louise type dive over the Chasm of Uncomfortable onto the wide plateau of Holy Shit WTF.
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Well this wasn't "nsfw" in the way I hoped. Seems pretty French Canadian but I watched with the audio off.
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I bet that somewhere, some college student has written or will write a paper that starts with satyrs and ends with Stacey Nightmare, visiting the Chicken Lady and Old Gregg along the way. That or a paper positioning the stock character of the sexually inappropriate half-animal nightmare being as the new Pierrot.
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Can't tell if that Twitter feed is a parody of adolescent male humor. Either way, laughing at me or with me, I approve.
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I'm hungry, aroused and terrified. So, nothing new.
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This will be the first thing I send to my friends who tell me Brooklyn is the place to be.
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yay! uggs for spiders! I think I was pretty much like this for 4-5 years as a teenage boy. Only not as amusing.
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Ok, that was offputting. I'm curious what other people find funny about her, though. What's the deal?
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I'm curious what other people find funny about her, though

it's sarah palin's evil twin sister
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Didn't kids in the hall do this shtick with Chicken Lady?
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I thought Sarah Palin was the evil twin sister.
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Uh, prop comedy comes to Vine, I guess?
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Feels like Hand Thing.
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So fantastic. It's the perfect combination of ridiculously weird and darkly funny. Thanks, Potomac Avenue. Wow. Just, thanks.
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So I guess I'm an old. I couldn't figure out how to get sound. Maybe my laptop is just an old. Probably only works on android tablets. Regardless... a sad day.
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Team Lowkey you gotta click the red X in the top left corner of the Vine to get sound!
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Why is Vine only videos of screaming now
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Why is everything
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very rarely do i get the chance to freak out in terror and laugh uncontrollably at the same time.
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also, no matter how many i watch i can't stop seeing those as her real eyes.
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Reminds me of this long-defunct blog.
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I'm hungry, aroused and terrified. Stay out of my freezer.
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This is the first time I've actually understood and enjoyed vine
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This made you understand Vine?

Dude, if this made me "understand" anything, I'd question my sanity.

Not complaining, mind you.
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