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Piip-show is a live webcam focused on a coffee shop for birds. No birds around? You can rewind the video to look for them, or check out the highlight videos and snapshots below.
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And then a squirrel shows up and all hell breaks loose.

Goddamn hooligans.
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Apparently the set is based on a real coffee shop in Oslo.

I'm shaking my fist at the squirrels. I sprinkled a lot of hot cayenne powder in my outdoor planters this afternoon, out of pure spite.
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I have been all about this for the past day or so. Nest cams keep me super entertained in the spring but this is awesome in ways that those aren't. /totalfuckingbirdnerd
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I'm waiting, waiting, waiting... Then BIRD! And then it's gone.
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Don't get me started on squirrels eating all the birdseed! Grrrr! They are the hooligans of the bird cafe culture worldwide!
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Norwegian Starbeaks are great if you want to pick up chicks.
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I am disproportionately pleased by this.
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This is awesome - should be a live feed at a cat cafe.

my town really needs a cat cafeI really need a cat cafe
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all i know is i'm going to I'm going to flip the fuck out when a bird finally shows up.
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You missed it
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Um, this is my new favorite thing. I'd say it would replace kitten cams for me, but if I'm being honest, nothing will ever replace kitten cams.
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A tit-show would be even better.
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Maybe I will get to see something there today - I've tried it a few times over the last couple days and keep getting an error message or it freezes. Stop watching this site, people, so I can!
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dammit, I'm away for 45 mins and I miss something called a Flaggspett. I've never wanted to see a Flaggspett so badly!
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This page is in Norwegian. Would you like to translate?

No way, Norwegian is HILARIOUS.
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Dammit... not a bird since I've started watching, much less a squirrel.
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> A tit-show would be even better.

We're not likely to see boobies either.
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Ugh, it took them this long to invent the greatest thing of all time?!
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