When asked to describe his style he said "warm."
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Chinatown Sartorialist. "We saw them at Portsmouth Square and frantically made a beeline for them, both in a brown, earthy palette with matching cheetah sweaters and furry hats."
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Li Nan Ping looks great. He is the only man who may wear a fedora.
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Love this. Normcore with an extra half-century of practice.
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You Tian Wu with wise words: "When you’re young you don’t have to care about fashion. But when you’re old, you have to."

The accompanying photograph makes this priceless.
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My chinese mom dresses like this, and it totally makes me cringe :(
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Wow, fantastic!

Normcore is a studious abnegation of fashion - which is itself fashion and the irony is just a form of masochistic pleasure. There's nothing normcore about this - it's a mix between "Well, guess I'm all out of fucks to give" and "This looks fun, it's on sale, let's wear it!"

The men and women depicted in TFA are all about the embrace of color, pattern, layer and texture in combinations that make their own rules as it goes along - outsider art in clothing. Reminds me of Macklemore's line - "I wear your grandad's clothes. I look incredible."
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Whenever a hipster item emerges, my mother comments "How is careless Chinese fashion in?" The thing is, after a person marries or reaches a certain age, the Chinese people feel it is no longer necessary to look attractive. It is more important to be neat and clean, not necessarily fashionable. My mother gives me the most unattractive articles of clothing as Christmas gifts because I am a mother and at "that age" where I should be clean and neat and not attractive…
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I think that guy's vest is more giraffe than cheetah, but they look fabulous individually and together. (Also, he makes me think of Monty Burns.)
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I like this more than the regular Sartorialist.
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I like this more than the regular Sartorialist.
I know! I look at the Sartorialist all the time, but this is a lot more fun. I think the project is a little more Bill Cunningham than Scott Schuman.
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I love this! My favourite outfit is Yok Lan Chung's, but they all look great.

This article reminds me of my (non-Chinese) grandmother, who's been gone for about ten years now. I remember once when I was eleven, my mum and I were sorting through clothes in my bedroom. I found a pair of leggings in that bright purple, which I'd never worn, and we agreed that we could give them away, because who really wears that purple anyway?

There was a small cough behind us. We turned to see my gran, wearing a purple blouse, purple jumper, purple trousers and purple socks.

Sorry, it's got a bit dusty in here. These ladies and gentlemen are wonderful. Long may they rock their style!
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Wow. An amazing exercise in finding awesome everywhere, if you only look. I actually have noticed the clothing sense of older folks in Chinatown, but always vaguely thought of it as "cheap stuff that's colorful". Looking at the clothes as unified outfits reveals a really distinct (and nifty) aesthetic.
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I have just gone on an adventure because of the links here and I am better for it.
Thank you.
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I...don't know a thing about fashion, but I think the outfits look pretty terrible.
I mean, the people look nice and colorful is fun, but...I'm just not seeing it.

What am I missing?
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I mean, the people look nice and colorful is fun, but...I'm just not seeing it.

Mostly, it's that the people look nice and colorful is fun.
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I always thought The Sartorialist was just ripe for parody. This isn't quite what I had in mind but it's pretty sweet.
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I always thought The Sartorialist was just ripe for parody.

There is also The Catorialist, although it hasn't been updated in a few years.
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I always thought The Sartorialist was just ripe for parody.

The Sarcastialist on twitter adds Scouse (people from Liverpool) captions.
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How about The Sartre-orialist, and it's just pictures of neat, tweedy gentlemen wearing berets and smoking?
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I am going to being eyeing the elderly Asian ladies on the 9 a little more closely after this, checking how many shades of purple they have going on.
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Great post!

I would wear this one (from the tumblr).

But how do you even websearch for that? I've tried combinations of print, matching, men's, shorts, shirt but no luck at all on Google shopping.
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You don't web search for it. You go Walmart or AJWright or whathaveyou and you look in the sale section.
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...And then you wait 30 years.
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I live in Chinatown and I love this. There's a million elderly care facilities in the neighborhood and I often do double takes at what some of these people are wearing, it's so great. It's like a sea of tiny, slow moving hipsters who are up at 6am every morning for Tai Chi. I hope I'm half as awesome as these people when I'm their age.
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I feel like these older Chinese folks in San Fransisco would have a lot to say, fashion-wise, with some of the older African-American folks here in New Orleans. I mean, just look at this photo of the beloved Uncle Lionel, may he rest in peace. Uncle Lionel is no longer with us, but his sartorial tradition is still very much alive. I love it.
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And then you wait 30 years.

That's what I was thinking. Pretty sure I saw Bobby Brown wearing something like that about 23 years ago, walking with Whitney Houston in Piedmont Park. Actually, it was paisley.

"Too cool for my blood," I thought. But now I am cool enough to wear that.
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Oh, hey. The dollar bills on Uncle Lionel's lapel are there because it is his birthday. That's a thing we do in New Orleans; people will pin dollar bills to you. I just realized that might need explaining.
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Thanks for the explanation, Scientist. I learned something today!
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