Two fatal Air India crashes on Mont Blanc: jewels and conspiracies
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Shhhh, please don't tell CNN.
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The one link says the climber handed the box immediately to the police who are trying to locate the family the jewels belonged to. So how could there be a conspiracy to split them between the mayor and the climber?
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For his coverage of the story with BBC, Patrick Bodenham tried to see the stones in person. He learned that the police handed the jewels straight to the mayor of Chamonix, who stored them in a vault below the town hall. Bodenham tried to find out who would allow journalists to see the stones and learn more about the efforts to identify the rightful owners, and this is when he started getting the run-around. Finally he got an answer from Francois Bouquin, head of the mayor's office in Chamonix:
"I don't want to have to tell you 'No'. But you cannot see the stones. At this time, it is a question of security. We are handling our own investigation into the case. We do not feel the media are useful or necessary at this time."
A local author who researched the 1966 crash thinks it's a ploy to keep the jewels for 2 years, the amount of time the rightful owners have to claim the stones as theirs. After this time, the person who found them is allowed to keep them as unclaimed goods.
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Fizz: "Shhhh, please don't tell CNN."

Why not? It would be good to eliminate once and for all the possibility of a black hole being involved.
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as for google translate, I see what it did here:

Daniel Roche: in the bowels of the Bossons
Ringworm is how Daniel Roche has willingly. "When I want something, I do not let go."
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Fascinating story, I'd be interested to find out what happens to the stones in the end.
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Why not? It would be good to eliminate once and for all the possibility of a black hole being involved.

Holy fuck!
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Such a juicy and interesting post. Lots of interesting layers. Thanks filthy light thief.
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Shhhh, please don't tell CNN.

CNN Do the Right Story
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