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Font samples from an 1892 specimen book (i.e. a type catalog for printers). They're a lot more interesting than "The quick brown fox..."
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These would all make for some great fin de si├Ęcle porn titles.

Just sayin'
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Some pretty awesome typefaces there.
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LAGER or STEAM is indeed a Question of (somewhat) Supreme Importance for the beer taxonomer.
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WAY UP / Uncle Oliver / 3 Money 6 sounds like the progression of stage names adopted by a talented, earnest, and oddly off-putting suburbanite rapper.
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tee hee
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Yeah, I lost at 3 Money 6. Fuckin' timestream pollution.
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"3" comes up a lot.. did printers usually look for this particular number?
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A lot of these could be MeFi user names.
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"Death to Mormons" I guess they weren't big font buyers in the 19th century.
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Now I want bergamots
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Is your washroom breeding bolsheviks?
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Now I want bergamots

Then drink some Earl Grey...
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I have to say, one of the great things about being a graphic artist through the 70's and 80's were the amazing font sample folios all the competing type houses would supply you with, free of charge. They were just amazing collections.
Those were the 19 70's and 80's of course...
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and this one is like some tristan tzara "sadness of modern romance" poem.
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Guys, I think the second O in "HONOR THE DUDE KING" is giving me the evil eye.
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I was thinking there was an almost endless supply of band names there, myself.
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I guessed Palmer & Rey were from San Francisco, based on the samples regarding "Seal Rock" and "Lager or Steam" (Steam beer being a California thing.)
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BERGAMOT! was one of the 19th Century's biggest blacksploitation novels.

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I think you meant band names and/or Culture ships.
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You just can't beat this one:

Grim Death Rides on Every Passing Breeze and Lurks in Fragrant Smiling Flowers

That's going to be my new typing test sentence to replace "the quick brown fox".

Or maybe an album title.
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You know you're hearing that one in Jeff Mangum's voice.
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Have No Further Use For It

...sounds like a Craigslist ad written by Morrissey.
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Better still, many of these were likely typeset by tramp printers. They were notorious for shimsical sample books.
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Yes, shimsical.
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Band names galore
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Grim Death Rides on Every Passing Breeze and Lurks in Fragrant Smiling Flowers

Is it somewhere among the type samples? I can't find it, though I think I've found the source.
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@hat_eater: It's the one filenamed books18.png, under Rail Road Sparks. Small and fuzzy enough to be hard on the eyes (at least for me).

But yes, Bergamot!
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Now I want bergamots

But yes, Bergamot!

It's only a model.
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I know it's actually Gothic Condensed but there's just something amusing about someone exclaiming "BERGAMOT!" all non sequitur like.
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