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Another day, another Wes Anderson film parody trailer -- this one's for a tasteful, adults-only offering called The Grand Sausage Pizza. (The NSFW tag is for dialogue and premise, rather than nudity.)
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Oh, and previously.
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Eh, the voiceover ruined it immediately. If you're going to do a parody based on the subtleties of art direction and production technique, you have to get it right.
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You know, I never realised how hardcore Owen Wilson's up talking was until I saw this impression. Like a caricature sketch and you're like, damn, their nose is huge, and then you can't unsee it.
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worth it for your title alone.
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It strikes me as more a parody of SNL's parody than a parody of Wes Anderson movies themselves.

Like, this feels like it was made by someone who had never seen a Wes Anderson movie and was working off of the SNL sketch "The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders."
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That can't be right... it's still not white enough.
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Mostly limp except for the Owen Wilson bit and "It's a pizza. [camera pan] With my dick on it."
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I thought it was pretty on point. It had the right amount of I guess Twee cuteness in the directing that I associate with Wes Anderson. Overall well done!
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You know, I never realised how hardcore Owen Wilson's up talking was until I saw this impression.

That really hurts my feelings?
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What my novel presupposes is, maybe it didn't?
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I enjoyed it, but at 0:20... is that character moving DIAGONALLY!??!?!?!??
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Unngghgh, that voiceover. I don't even understand how you can do it that wrong that wrongly.
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Just goes to show how rightly Alec Baldwin does it right I guess?
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Everyone prefers the SNL horror spoof. Mostly, I'm hankering for a full-on Anderson fake trailer trend. Westerns (film cowboys are already laconic), science fiction (they're actually robots -- not as much of a twist as you'd think), action-adventure (for the pregnant pauses during the bomb-defusing scene alone, which will take place in a Swiss clock repair shop)...
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