Žižek battles the Green Goblin, narrated by David Attenborough
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Feel as if you've watched everything on Netflix? You might find something new at Summary Bug, where a text-display glitch generates whimsical cinematic possibilities.
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Metafilter: Missions of trash-talking and deceit.
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Funnier than I expected.
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All these alternate lives for Picard and company. Q is up to something.
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I'm very intrigued by the gritty reboot potential suggested by the phrase "Christopher Robin's ex-wife."
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I was kinda meh on the whole thing until I got to the one where Batman teams up with Reggie Watts.
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I gotta say, an episode where they all had knives would be pretty good.

This blog is like procedurally generated Liar Town Netflix posts. The serendipity makes me feel good.
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Related: WTF Comcast
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I'm very intrigued by the gritty reboot potential suggested by the phrase "Christopher Robin's ex-wife."

They're changing guard at Buckingham Palace -
Christopher Robin cheated on Alice.
Alice is marrying one of the guard.
"A soldier's life is terrible hard,"
                                       Says Alice.
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and everyone will pay.
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and everyone will pay.

That's a nice addition to a lot of movie taglines.

Love Actually: "Love actually is all around...and everyone will pay."
Amelie: "One person can change your life forever...and everyone will pay."
Mamma Mia!: "With every wedding come a few surprises...and everyone will pay."
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It's the Stark Trek reboot I've always wanted.
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So while I have seen my share of loopy movie descriptions on Netflix, I haven't seen this specific "random fifth line" phenomenon. In what circumstances would one see this?
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"When a crown is stolen from the Crystal empire, Twilight Sparkle takes on a whole new identity, a human teenage girl, in her quest and everyone will pay."

This is a goldmine.
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James Patterson you magnificent bastard

Easily my favorite. I want to read that diary.
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