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What song do you play when you have a crow sitting on your guitar? Blackbird, of course. (SLYT)

Curt Stager is an author and science professor at Paul Smith's College, but who cares? Birdie is the star here!
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That's pretty sweet.

Now do Apeman, by The Kinks!
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Well of course you would play something in the finger pecking style....
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Now go take a shower in kerosene!
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Corvids are bright enough that at the 0:51 mark you can see the crow looking askance at the guy's fingering. "Pssst, dude -- tenth fret!"
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He was only waiting for this moment to arise.
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I thought this seemed familiar.
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David Quammen:

Crows are bored. They suffer from being too intelligent for their station in life. Respectable evolutionary success is simply not, for these brainy and complex birds, enough. They are dissatisfied with the narrow goals and horizons of that tired old Darwinian struggle. On the lookout for a new challenge. See them there, lined up conspiratorially along a fence rail or a high wire, shoulder to shoulder, alert, self-contained, missing nothing. Feeling discreetly thwarted. Waiting, like an ambitious understudy, for their break. Dolphins and whales and chimpanzees get all the fawning publicity, great fuss made over their near-human intelligence. But don't be fooled. Crows are not stupid. Far from it. They are merely underachievers. They are bored.
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A guitar (esp. strung that way) is a shiny, shiny thing!
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Well, in answer to your question:

The Crow and the Butterfly by Shinedown
Black Crow Blues by Bob Dylan
Black Crow by Joni Mitchell
The Raven by Alan Parsons Project
Greet the Sacred Crow by Primus
Old Crow by The Walkabouts
Black Crow King by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Crow On The Cradle by Jackson Browne
Black Crow by Jamiroquai
Crow and a Baby by Human League
Lonesome Crow by The Scorpions
Loch Raven by Animal Collective
As The Raven Flies by Dan Fogelberg
Slow Ride by The Beastie Boys
A Crow On My Shoulder by Autumn Blaze
Crow by Dan Fogelberg
Raven Chant by Of The Wand and The Moon
Forgetten Dead Crow by Corpus Christie
Pigeon Vs Crow by Circle of Dead Children
Crow Killer by Unearth
Raven Claws by Moonspell
On The Day by The Walkabouts
Cabinessence by The Beach Boys
Mountain Men by Jethro Tull
The Return of the Mighty Raven by Ablaze My Sorrow
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In the middle of the winter, in the middle of a wood
Standing in a clearing with a tiny leather hood

So you want to know, so you want to know
If you want to know what the future holds
The Black Crow knows
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Now what song do you play while you're scraping crow shit off your guitar?
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Now what song do you play while you're scraping crow shit off your guitar?

"While my guitar gently weeps"?
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Well, in answer to your question:

"Ice Cream for Crow" by Captain Beefheart
"Love Theme from MST3K" by Joel and the Joels

That's one "o"!
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Put a bird on it.
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Guitar strings must be an amazing quest-for-the-Holy-Grail level of artifact in the Corvid mythos. Not only are they shiny, but they're perfect for weaving around twigs to build fully functional babe nest. I can just picture a crow lucking into a Pete Townsend show aftermath, and every crow since eagerly following guitarists & bands like avian groupies
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Something by Cheryl Crow? Counting Crows?
The theme from Game of Thrones?
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Along with several neighbors who live in the same small town that I do, I share a show on our local public radio station -- we take turns doing it, so I do the 2-hour show every couple of weeks.

By strange coincidence I played a corvid-themed block during the middle of my show last night. Apart from a cover version of Blackbird (and yes, I know that actual blackbirds are not corvids..) I also had: All hail family Corvidae!
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It's pretty tough to pull off Crow by Schellac on acoustic. not that.
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That crow looks like it's saying, "You're a little out of tune, just let me..wait! Let me adjust...geez, just let me...augh!"
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I'm not sure that the noble Crow appreciates being lumped in with the common blackbird just because they share the same color.
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Crow! Crow! Crow!
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Somewhere there is a (Folkways?) recording of Elizabeth Cotten jamming with a bird who flew in her open window while she was playing, but sadly I am in too much of a rush to find it now.
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You might want to confirm the bird's gender, but how about
Raven Girl by Mimi & Richard Farina
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Somewhere there is a (Folkways?) recording of Elizabeth Cotten jamming with a bird who flew in her open window while she was playing

Which reminds me that I missed the 90th anniversary of the first ever outside nature broadcast in the wooorld, 19th may 1924, when cellist Beatrice Harrison played a duet with a nightingale in her garden playing Dvorak and Rimsky-Korsakov.
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I'd probably go with Mr. Crowley.
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OK then, how about "Eye of the Needle" by Ten Wheel Drive?
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There's another video (which was at the top of the 'videos you might like' stack for me) showing that they had trained the crow by placing bits of food around the guitar-- which I'd guessed at from the way it was half-heartedly pecking at things anyway, and I still really enjoyed this.
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Pretty good for just winging it
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I needed to see this today. Thank you.
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Dude, nice tunes. Hey, how do you do that anyway? I see, you using the long stick end to make your song. Look at these shiny strings! These pegs are kinda cool. Oh I see, your sliding your soft claws along the string just there. Wait, wait, wait, what's that on your claw up there? That shiny thing that's making the music... let me have it!

Fine, screw you, I'm gonna go sit on this chair. Hope you like the tip I left for you.
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Now do "Godzilla" with Godzilla.
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It looked to me like the bird was most interested in that noise that acoustic guitarists make when they slide their fingers up and down the frets. Is there a name for that noise?
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"Fret noise."
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That's no crow you fool, it's Randall Flagg. Can't you smell the sulfur? Run!
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To that person who mentioned "Freebird", I am laughing and I hate you. :>

Dammit, crows only have so many facial expressions
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