"If you can read this, I have cancer again."
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Jay Lake, science fiction and fantasy author, has passed away after a long fight with cancer. MeFi's own jscalzi has posted more here. JayWake, the pre-postumous wake, was held last year. [previously] The film Lakeside – A Year With Jay Lake, detailed his treatments, including participation in whole genome sequencing, in search of a new treatment path.
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RIP, Jay. I'll miss you.
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SF/F has lost one of its great imaginations. The Clockwork Earth series should utterly fall apart from the weight of its own premise, but it never does.

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No less sad for having seen it coming.
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Sorry this guy died. I love SF, and had never heard of him.

Serious question: Did he have health insurance?
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cjorgensen: Yes, Jay had excellent health insurance (which covered most, but not all of his treatments, up to and including the Mayo clinic trip at the end for last-ditch experimental treatments). Over the course of several yearshe went four rounds with chemo and at least three with surgery, for a colon cancer so aggressive that it was staged at IVb on first diagnosis (and nearly killed him in the ER: the very first symptom was that it haemorrhaged and he nearly bled out).

You may not have heard of him. He was, however, a Campbell award winner, multiple Hugo and Nebula award nominee, author of 9 novels and over 300 short stories, and all around good guy.
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Sorry if this is duplicated in one of the links, but apparently if you want to make a contribution in Jay’s name, the family asks that you make it to:
Clayton Memorial Medical Fund
P.O. Box 5703
Portland, Oregon 97228
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I worked with Jay once in a professional capacity and he was always helpful, always gracious. I hope you have lots of fun Up There, Jake.

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His blog was a remarkable, honest window into his life. When he was still well enough he posted the best aggregation of links anywhere other than here. He tried so hard to find a way to beat that damn disease back, aiming to live long enough for his daughter to finish high school and he put himself through hell trying. Damn cancer.
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I didn't know much about him, but when he was on the SF Squeecast I have to admit I fell in love a little. This is one of my favorite Squeecasts of all time, not the least for Mr. Lake's description of a post-apocalyptic horror movie about a psychic, sentient tire named Rubber, and his Bear joke.

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I remember reading and liking at least one Lake story that appeared in the "Year's Best Science Fiction" collections. How sad.
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I really enjoyed one of his novels and a bunch of short stories.
Fuck cancer.
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Whell phooey...

Now we won't have a follow up from METAtropolis and METAtropolis:Cascadia...

Lake's short stories in those were good.

Tygre Tygre, burning bright....
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"Now we won't have a follow up from METAtropolis and METAtropolis:Cascadia..."

Actually, there's METAtropolis: Green Space.
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Also, any chance of getting more of Benjamin Washington's story? I liked it best from that story line (though Alessandro Juliani did have something with impressing it on me)
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