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The unlikely life of Pig the dog. "We assumed that by now, she would be suffocating under her own organs, or something like that, because of her shape."
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That dog is a drunk toddler's drawing come to life, omg.
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I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't that; I couldn't bear to watch the video.

That dog radiates pleasure at being alive the way a bonfire radiates heat.
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Yay for the person who adopted that dog, boo for the person who named that dog Pig.
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Hey, it's Pig!

Pig was the star of this year's Do Dah Day. Everybody wanted to pet Pig. Pig was happy to oblige.
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Now I know what an akita appears like at near-light velocity.

Also, dawwwwwwwww.
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Yay for the person who adopted that dog, boo for the person who named that dog Pig.

Eh, I don't see why! She really kind of looks like a pig. My friend has a dog named Otter who was so named because she looked like a baby otter when she was adopted. As an American human you might be like "well pigs are gross though" but I seriously doubt that Pig the dog has any conception of that...
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This is God's midterm shop class project from 10th grade.
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that dog looks *ridiculously* happy
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And so we find the real-life inspiration for r/animalswithoutnecks. I guess you learn something new everyday, huh?
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boo for the person who named that dog Pig.

Pigs are noble creatures!
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Why can't we be as gentle and positive about disfigured humans?
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Why can't we be as gentle and positive about disfigured humans?

I'm pretty sure there are programs in place, much more so than before, to help "disfigured" humans operate in the world. It's far from perfect, but the record of how humans treat dogs is also not very good from time to time.
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The fact this dog lives, and is guaranteed a happy life for as long as possible, makes me very glad.
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Daddy-O, I like to think they named it after the runt of the litter in 101 Dalmation, Cadpig.
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Good article relating to baboon dog syndrome, which is what this is tentatively called i guess?

Mostly i wanted to link it because that picture of a wolf strikes the perfect balance of laughter and squee for me.
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Can they train her to herd sheep?
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or root for truffles?
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Hey mister, don't call that dog Pig, call him... Lifesaver!
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I suppose I'm happy that people are unselfish enough to give a dog like this a home. I'm certainly not that person, that's for sure.

I'm proud of my shiny, leaping, prancing cow dog that just went 15 miles behind the horse today, and then bounced around in the pickup truck on the way home. I want her to live a long and healthy life, which she has an excellent chance of doing, thanks to her good constitution.

I suppose a life is a life, but I see so many shiny, leaping, prancing, healthy normal dogs at the pound that need a chance at a long and happy life, and they don't get one. That makes me haz a sad.
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Did Jim Woodring design this critter?
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If I sent this link to my sister-in-law, she'd start a fundraiser for this dog, and all other dogs that may or may not be suffering from this disease right now, or in the future. She's a devoted dog person.
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Dogs always make do with what they've got.

It is yet another way they can inspire us.
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What an amazing creature. She looks like something out of a Jeroen Bosch painting.
I'm glad to see that she seems happy!
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Bluehorse, how does Pig's life impact other shelter dogs' chances at a good life?
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Logically, I know it doesn't, because my idea of a lovely dog is different from someone's idea of what a wonderful dog would be.

Part of my aversion to an animal like the one featured is that I see the results of indiscriminate breeding for horrible traits that are completely detrimental to the animals. In horses, small feet causing lameness, tiny muzzles and jaws that cause teeth problems, and a host of other things that cause a lower quality of life to the animal. Quarter Horses have five lethal genetic diseases that are completely avoidable as they are carried on the recessive gene, but breeders continue to breed from lines carrying them, either out of ignorance or greed.

Kindness to an animal like Pig is one thing--it's when people start to think that Pig is cute that bothers me. Like ragdoll cats or myotonic goats, there are humans out there that think they need to breed specifically because it's something unusual without considering the impact on the individual organism.
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But no one is saying, man this dog is cute, we should definitely try to breed more dogs just like Pig who have limited chances at survival and happy lives.

If anything, Pig's deformities are incredibly apparent and she's clearly a dog that requires special care--it should be a warning sign about the consequences of irresponsible breeding (even though Pig herself is from a feral mom).
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