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Susumu Hirasawa is a Japanese musician who has been doing electronic composition since 1972.

Outside of Japan he is most well-known as the composer of music for various animes and video games, but he also does albums using his unique, often bizarre, and instantly recognizable style. During live performances, he relies on a variety of instruments including laser harps and singing tesla coils. Always interesting and multi-layered, his music spans from slow and contemplative to upbeat and dance-able.

English translations of his lyrics are difficult to find, but some Youtube users have posted songs with English subtitles.

His music as well as DVDs of live performances can be purchased on his website, Teslakite (English).
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Every couple of years I rediscover Hirasawa and it is great all over again. I think most fansub watchers in the late 90s probably were originally introduced via Berserk.
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And don't forget he was part of legendary Japanese Technopop group P-Model (The first band in the link is them.)
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Most recently he's been doing the soundtrack of the Berserk OVAs. Opening here, full version of the song here. Check Berserk if you like gory, grimdark fantasy and need something to watch until GoT returns.
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I knew I heard this guy before. He did the music for Paranoia Agent - I highly recommend it, even if you aren't into anime at all.
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And don't forget he was part of legendary Japanese Technopop group P-Model

Ah yes, P-Model is great, as is the more recent Kaku P-Model. Good stuff!
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His themes from Paranoia Agent and Paprika are my two all-time favorite anime songs.
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That upbeat and danceable song is going to be my new morning alarm clock. Fun!
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I forgot about that parade scene in Paprika. Now I'm unsettled.

Good to have a name to that movie's great sound track.

If anyone hasn't heard of it, Paprika is definitely worth watching. It's a trippy, beautiful anime movie. It's not entirely comprehensible, but I think that's intentional, as it's a film about dreams and the gap between perception and reality. Even if you don't draw a plot from it (you definitely can, though), I'd say it's one of those movies you can enjoy it as an audiovisual sensory experience.
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Youtube link that's meant to have English subtitles does not in fact have them. I found a Readable site with the English lyrics and an embedded version of the same video (paprika OST), though, so you can have a similar experience.
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The lyrics are in the closed captions. You have to turn on the English closed captions.
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And don't forget he was part of legendary Japanese Technopop group P-Model

It's worth pointing out that the third band in that clip is Plastics, one of the best things to happen anywhere ever.
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