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"Brandon Sheffield, Gamasutra editor and director of Necrosoft Games, took to Vine last night to show the world what exactly happens when 13 Sonic & Knuckles cartridges are plugged into one another in a Human Centipede-esque disaster." (Warning: 30 Vine videos playing in one browser window.)
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This is an abomination. But it's my favorite kind of abomination.
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How did I never know I needed this?
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(The Tower of Sonic, that is. Not the 30 autoplaying Vines on a single page. Jesus Christ, you guys.)
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(Warning: 30 Vine videos playing in one browser window.)

The medium is the message?

I've heard if you get to 50 it turns into Vectorman!
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They just need to blow on the cartridge a bit more.
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When I got to the Vine that showed the level select screen from Sonic 3, the corresponding music began playing in my head. I haven't even played that game in 15 years. Dammit, brain, we need to work on your prioritization skills.
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It's hedgehogs all the way down.
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What I know is that it crashes my browser every time I try to look at it. So, uh ... good on you, I guess.
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mmmm noscript.
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I'm sure it's awesome, but 30 vines was definitely not healthy for my little laptop/netbook. Have to try again on a beefier machine.

That's not a dig on the poster, that's a shot at the people behind the article. God help you if you tried to open that on your phone.
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I just clicked on it with my iphone 4, no problems so far as I can te++++++ATH NO CARRIER
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It's the 90s version of Alvin Lucier's I Am Sitting in a Room
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My Mozilla Crash Reporter is getting a workout.

For some reason, I'm reminded of the time I pointed 2 VNC servers at each other and got a massive positive feedback loop going. (Probably would have been better with music)
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Can anyone provide analysis of what is going on technically?
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What I know is that it crashes my browser every time I try to look at it. So, uh ... good on you, I guess.

Yeah, that's a bullshit way to present something.
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Wow. Many feels. Such nostalgia.

Yeah, the ridiculous 6 second Vimeo clips need to go. Crashed my (admittedly puny Ipad mobile version) browser, and they could just as easily been combined into one coherent video. I note the commenters over on the linked site already said as much.

I have played all these games, and loved them, and yes, the music is playing in my head, too. The Sega Genesis, and later the Dreamcast, were terrifically designed consoles and worked well beyond the time they stopped designing new games for either of them. Very robust systems.

We did the cartridge trick as it was intended so we could play the games as Knuckles (because Knuckles is obviously the coolest playable character in the series), but of course never tried this Stack O' Cartridges feat.

I say 'of course', but now that I think about it, I am amazed my guys never even attempted this. We tried pretty much everything else with our games, across all the various platforms.

Just off the top of my head, I remember attempting to port billiard balls through dimensions into other rooms in Toy Commander (Sega Dreamcast)*; thwart the entire original Halo (Xbox) plotline on replay by executing Captain Jacob Keyes in the first act**; and befriend a baby manticore in God of War: Ascension (PS3) in the hope of later riding it into battle as an awesome war-mount. ****

*Sadly, can't be done.
**This wasn't just idle sadism, honest. I pointed out to my boys that Keyes was the person most responsible for the Flood gaining access to the neural network, so it made logical sense to terminate him, strategically! As any hardcore Halo player knows by now, though, killing Keyes on replay is possible, but results in Cortana declaring that you have gone rogue or something and the marines taking you out anyway. Solves nothing, and the mission cannot be thwarted. Good game design there.
***If you are reading this, you don't know your Kratos. That guy doesn't have any friends. The baby manticores were so cute, though! We tried just leaving the unhatched eggs alone, but then they spawn feral hell hounds (WUT? HOW IS BABBY FORMED?), so you're better off smashing 'em. The good news is that Kratos can and does jump on a manticore later in the game and ride it anyway!
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Could you Game Genie a Game Genie?

Also if only there were a way to produce a video longer than 6 seconds and display it on the web.
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In its defense, it wasn't just a "play as a new character in your old game" gimmick. The base Sonic & Knuckles game let you stop a game and resume it later from the last level you reached, and if I recall correctly it extended that functionality to Sonics 1-3 when plugged into it. (Maybe not all 3, but definitely Sonic 3, to the extent that my above comment misidentified the level select screen as belonging to Sonic 3.)
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It was actually pretty nifty, when used as intended. This is why we can't have nice things, Brandon Sheffield!
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I'm sad no one has reuploaded this to youtube, or just made it into gifs, or.... something. Because this melted my work machine.
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I don't think it added save functionality to Sonic 1 or 2 (lock-on with Sonic 1 actually only gave you the opportunity to generate more bonus levels, like most other Genesis games), but Sonic 3 had its own save system already.

Brandon is a pretty cool person!
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Brandon is a pretty cool person!

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(he is mine too kinda)
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Sonic 3 had a save system - it was & Knuckles where you had to start from scratch every time unless you linked it up.
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