u ever thought about a cat? get 1.
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The FurKids animal and rescue shelter in Georgia is really trying to sell you on the concept of "cats" in their newest, low budget, pretty funny commercial. Warning: may make you want a cat.
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The taking-the-piss moment at the end where they riff off that Sarah McLachlain ASPCA ad was fantastic.
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I'm thinking of getting one for my niece Elise.
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High five!
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They've got almost 500 cats and about 40 dogs. Is that normal?
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Watch the commercial, they have only 40 dogs because they just came out.
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This was so dorky and cute - thanks for sharing!
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One of my cats is from this shelter!
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Cute, but this one from the Winnipeg Humane Society is still the best!
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I'm a big fan of PRE OWNED CATS
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(But the waving tube arm sweater person at the beginning is amazing.)
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This is adorable! I love the gal being a Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube person at the start. (On preview-- yes!)
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Oh my gosh - wonderfully amusing and adorable - thanks for posting this!
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I love how dorky this commercial is and all its consciously amateruish callbacks to low-budget commercials. So good.
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Better Call Cat!
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Cat, you say? So that's the furry white thing that's crawled under the blanket and occupied the center of the bed, leaving me only the very smallest sliver on the edge to myself?
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Cats? Tell me more.
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I totally want one of those cat exercise wheels. However I assume if I got one, the cats would totally ignore it.
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One cat gets bored. Bored cats tend to be destructive. Best to get 2 cats.

Of course, one cat is always better than no cats...
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I was completely sold right at the beginning by the floppy man simulator on the left.
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One cat gets bored. Bored cats tend to be destructive. Best to get 2 cats.

We have three, they're still destructive.
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Oh hey, he suggested cats with no tails or cats that won't stop grooming? My newest pre-owned cat fits both descriptions. And they even got all the ringworm off before passing her up to us!
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That scene where the cat in his lap is chewing on and scratching his hands so bad that he can't focus hit very close to home.
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Have we all forgotten Christmas Cats TV? "8 cute kitties. 1 saucy grandma. Streamed live. You control the action. "
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Self-cleaning. And cleaning. And cleaning ...
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Imagine how much worse it could be!

I have 6.5 cats. This is also a handy measure describing the magnitude of destruction.
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I got a 3rd cat recently and it's 100% more work than two.
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I have 6.5 cats.

.....I have 1.5 questions about that number.
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My second cat reduced the damage caused by the first cat, and my third cat has reduced the second cat's harassment of the first cat. I have been dangerously close to getting more cats at times, but trying to find apartments with three cats is a pain in the butt already.
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(Reads comment just above)

(claps hand over mouth in valiant effort to avoid making any kind of "eponysterical" joke)
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.....I have 1.5 questions about that number

The .5 is a cat who used to visit 1-2x/week to harass my cats through the windows. The frequency of his visits suddenly jumped to "on my doorstep day and night." Then he started darting into the house whenever the opportunity arose. There he made himself quite comfortable and refused to leave. We later discovered he belongs to one of our neighbors, an elderly widow who, a) had taken a very bad fall* that required several weeks of hospitalized recovery, and b) was looking for her cat whose existence she forgot to mention to her family until she was more than three-quarters through her convalescence. Upon learning this news, .5 was promptly reunited with the neighbor, only he escapes her at every opportunity to return to my house. An informal custody agreement was reached: .5 is free to leave either house whenever he wants. Original owner [Primary] assumes all costs of annual immunizations and emergency vet care. Secondary owner (Me) assumes responsibility for monthly flea medications, food and entertainment.

*I suspect .5 had a role in this. He is a solid 18#er who tackles and bites legs when he's hungry. Also, the timing of her accident maps to the day that .5 started camping on our doorstep so that asshole knew she wasn't coming back to feed him anytime soon.

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Aww, what a nice kitty arrangement! He gets twice the love and the run of two houses! I like the idea of neighborhood cats, where kitties get looked after by several houses working together, although I can understand that might result in overfeeding.
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I was legit clutching my hands to my chest and crying by the end of that commercial. I’m a middle-aged male, but I think my purrological clock is kicking into overdrive.
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Except I'm not sure Point Five should be rewarded for taking out his human....
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