I've been thinking about you a lot lately.
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Hi Stranger is a brief animated film by Kirsten Lepore. It features sincere affirmations and also a totally benign claymation butt.
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that is a good butt
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(seriously nothing weird happens with the butt, there's just, hey, it's a butt, heads up that there's a butt in case you're in a place where a claymation butt would be a problem, I feel like I'm accidentally overselling the issue and making it seem like a trick, I promise there's no trick, it's just a butt)
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This was beautiful. She also made the fantastic Story from North America.
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I like that I was expecting this to go the usual hip gory/scary/meta route that art seems to rely on these days and it just ended up being kind and sweet and something that feels a little better each time you watch.

We need more of this.
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Admit it cortex - you just like saying "butt" don't you?
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Saw this in an animation compilation a few months ago, loved it, but couldn't find a discrete copy to post here.
It's just such a lovely, humanistic little piece, which plays so subtly with your expectations (of what can/should be done in animation, among other things).
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there is no gregcab gregabal cagregbal whatever
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Like an alien parasite being that tries to draw you in and suck the energy out of your soul.
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I, too, kept waiting for it to take some terrible turn and then it didn't. It was actually just genuinely sweet. In a weird way, sure, but still just genuinely sweet. It reminds me of a bizarre take on some of the guided meditations I listen to. I like this.
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I really wanted to like that, but Vimeo's streaming tech sucks on less than ideal connections...
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Also, are you saying this is a Gregpocalytic scenario?
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Favorite piece of trivia about this: the music is just the Windows 95 startup sound by Brian Eno slowed down.
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This was that collection: Late Night Work Club presents STRANGERS; out of the seven pieces, five are really interesting, but Hi Stranger was definitely the standout for me.
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The Elder Gods exist, and some of them are pretty chill and just want to immanentize a nice butt for you to look at while pretending the neverending orbs of acid and flame searing the abyss of the void beyond worlds are a nice sunset you can share together.
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With a little pause I sent this to a woman who I'm quite interested in. She responded excitedly with:


I'm smitten.
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I found it creepy for a while, but by the end it just seemed sweet.
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I'm smitten.

Not to jinx your new love interest, but damn, if someone sent me this I'd marry them.

I don't know why, but something about the narration reminds me of Laurie Anderson.

Also the giggle he does after the "you can look at my butt" is golden. Thanks for posting this. Loved it.
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I love this animation so much.
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Why is everybody so creeped out by this? He's adorable!
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Not to jinx your new love interest, but damn, if someone sent me this I'd marry them.

Going To Maine: We've been taking this very slowly for over a year partly because of distance, partly because life is complicated. Our mutual interest has sorta rocketed recently. But yeah, this helped affirm that I can see being with her a good long while even if not marrying her.
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Okay, the rest of the Internet finds this creepy, but here we love it, which is totally like the mirror opposite of how this usually works. It's kinda fascinating.
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This was so great. I want to love this more than I'm digitally capable of doing. I've already posted it everywhere and texted it to everyone and I want to stand on a street corner loudly blasting it to strangers. LOOK AT THE BUTT. AND FEEL LOVED.


Metafilter: I promise there's no trick, it's just a butt.
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also: Colbert Late Show's take on the video, featuring scrotus.
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