"Can you keep a secret?"
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My Year in San Francisco's $2,000,000 secret society startup "The rise and fall of Latitude, an exclusive, for-profit underground society started by a wealthy backer, is a fable for modern Silicon Valley."

"It will be an enduring and inescapable mystery how a game built to offer shared whimsy, inspiration, and play can result in trauma for the people most closely involved."
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This post was deleted for the following reason: THE SECRET IS OUT -- cortex

What's wrong with just becoming a mason?
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I was in a couple of basically fake mason dealios. Being a mason in and of itself ain't cool cuz it's dudes only, at least in America. Same with nearly all of the charitable societies and stuff like that. Masonic stuff started before the modern spread of capitalism, so I suspect that it had an easier time in fledgling days just avoiding goddamn networkers
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