Philosopher’s Article On Transracialism Sparks Controversy
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"An article in the current issue of the feminist philosophy journal Hypatia has created such a controversy over the past several days that the members of its board of associate editors have now issued an apology for publishing it. The article is “In Defense of Transracialism” by Rebecca Tuvel, an assistant professor of philosophy at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. In the paper, Professor Tuvel takes up the question of whether the considerations that support accepting transgender individuals’ decisions to change sexes, which she endorses, provide support for accepting transracial individuals’ decisions to change races. She defends an affirmative answer to that question."(DailyNous) posted by crazy with stars (1 comment total)

This post was deleted for the following reason: We've had a bunch of conversations on this topic and yes, it totally does spark controversy that Metafilter has probably had enough of at this point. -- restless_nomad

"Transracialism" really does exist purely in relation to starting shitty conversations about Transgender issues...
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