History Meets Technology in Shipwreck Alley
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And yet when I collect shipwrecks, I'm labelled a "kraken" and a "terror of the deep."
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Huh, TIL that Michigan has a Thunder Bay 1000km and two Great Lakes East of the only Thunder Bay I'd ever heard of, which has its own shipwrecks.

Way to be confusing people who name things!
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Popular Ethics: "TIL that Michigan has a Thunder Bay "

Uh... I just learned that today too, as a Michigan native, who just spent the last week visiting the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum (Whitefish Point and the Sault Ste Marie headquarters building)

So don't feel too bad there Popular Ethics
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Not to be confused with Thunder Island.
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I was thinking "I though Fathon Five was the only nationally protected area underwater" but then yes, I too discovered The Other Thunder Bay.

Superiour it's said, never gives up her dead, but apparently Huron isn't too hot about it either.
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As the man said in the song, it's how "Lake Huron rolls..."
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But yeah, I was initially confused about how it was possible to have a NOAA sanctuary in what would have been Canadian waters had it been the other Thunder Bay!
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I, too, grew up in Michigan, am a geography nerd, and yet did not realize that we have our own Thunder Bay.

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