The Sad Saga of Chris-Chan
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Perhaps you've heard of Christian Weston Chandler, creator of the Sonichu web comic, but never delved into the field of "Christorians" because of all the infamy surrounding the subject. For a good introduction to the whole story, you can watch this unbiased YouTube documentary, created by a high school student.

There are also a couple of special features to watch once you've watched the documentary, the Teacher's Reaction and the special ED teacher's unreleased footage.

If you're interested in a rundown of the Sonichu web comic itself, along with more insight into the life of CWC, check out this excellent lecture from Ben Saint. (also available in a 360° Classroom format)

For those who have some time to spare you can watch this review of the entire Sonichu webcomic from The Webcomic Relief.

And if you're looking for some CWC related material to listen to at work or during your commute, check out It Came From THE INTERNET (parts 1, 2, 3), Let Me Tell You About..., Down The Rabbit Hole, and Legends of the Internet.

Finally, if you want to find out what's going on with Christian, who now identifies as Christine, here is her official YouTube channel.

[NOTE] I am not a supporter of those who take part in trolling CWC, therefore I have not included links to material I feel is cruel or exploitative. Also, as the Sonichu web comic gets very explicit, I have not linked to it here.
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The ballad of CWC is one of the darkest things on the net, and brave effort smoothvirus, but I think it's impossible to disentangle the cruelty of his Greek chorus / bully squad from his narrative. Really, he's only known at all because he's transcendently tractable and pathetic.
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