Christmas and End of Year Quizzes
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It's time for Christmas and "End of Year Quizzes". The King William's Quiz (previously posted) is quite the challenge. The following are a bit more manageable.

(1) BBC News’ “Quiz: 52 weeks 52 questions
(2) Canadian TV’s “Year End Quiz
(3) Financial Times’ "Quiz 2004"
(4) The Guardian’s 2004 “End of Year Quiz
(5) New Scientist “End of 2004 Quiz
(6) New York Daily News’ “2004 Movie Quiz
(7) The New York Times' “Pratfalls, Catcalls and Spitballs: A Year in Ephemera” Year End Quiz
(8) The Observer’s “2004 Books Quiz”.

Good luck!
posted by ericb (6 comments total)
I'll have a brandy and strychnine, please.
posted by Vulpyne at 10:40 AM on December 26, 2004

Anyone else think that #7 on the NY Daily News Movie Quiz is a mistake?
posted by sexymofo at 10:52 AM on December 26, 2004


Also, there was an Observer today? Bugger.
posted by biffa at 10:57 AM on December 26, 2004

Answers to the movie quiz here.
posted by sexymofo at 1:28 PM on December 26, 2004

Now that is the way to craft a good post out of nothing.
posted by caddis at 7:32 AM on December 27, 2004

They all pale compared to the (now-over) Wombatfile's Quizvitational.
posted by DenOfSizer at 2:24 PM on December 28, 2004

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