Harry and the Potters
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We play songs about books! Excited about the new Harry Potter book coming out? How about some quirky pop songs about our favorite wizard-in-training? Get some background on the band and then go check out one of their free shows.
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BloodHag up in seattle has been writing metal songs about science fiction books and authors for quite a few years now. They give out books at their shows and often have the door people ask for a library card along with ID.


they're slogan is something like "the sooner you go deaf the more time you'll have to read"
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god oh god no
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i heard one of this band's horrendous harry potter songs on WERS in boston a few weeks ago. i came so close to puking i had to pull over.
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Yay, Bloodhag!
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Bostonist coverage here.
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There are 10,000,000 bands out there who are worse than the Harry Potters. If I began executing crappy bands right this minute, and killed one band every ten minutes in the order of their crappiness, it would probably take me almost a decade to reach these guys.
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I really like their music...of course I really like Harry Potter and crappy indie music as well.
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vocabulary word to braksanwich for johnny-on-the-spotniss!

(I used to practice down the hall from Bloodhag, and hearing them discuss setlist order was very, very wierd. "Isaac Asimov! Isaac Asimov before Tolkien, and we can end with Ray Bradbury, man!")
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BloodHag up in seattle has been writing metal songs about science fiction books and authors for quite a few years now.

In the seventies, fantasist Michael Moorcock was writing lyrics based on his own work as a member of The Deep Fix. Collaborations with Hawkwind and the Blue Öyster Cult continued in a similar vein. Just don't ask me if any of it was good :-p .
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I had heard of the band but never heard their songs - thanks for the link! They're adorable. Probably doesn't hurt that I love Harry Potter and think geeky-bad indie rock is totally amusing.

mwhybark, that's one of the best stories I've heard in ages, thanks for that too. Good thread all around!
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