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Physics Models
December 16, 2007 7:34 PM   Subscribe

"I am, of course, gratified that this sordid southern-hemisphere tale of sex, plagiarism, quantum mechanics, and printers could be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction." If that doesn't grab you maybe you are on the wrong internet.

It is, of course, a follow up to this post: Australian actresses are plagiarizing my quantum mechanics lecture to sell printers.
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Sounds cool
posted by randyripoff at 7:42 PM on December 16, 2007

This is basically just about plagiarism.
posted by dhammond at 7:45 PM on December 16, 2007 [1 favorite]

Please direct me to the right internet, thank you.
posted by patr1ck at 7:47 PM on December 16, 2007 [2 favorites]

Gotta watch those Australians - they'll steal anything that's not nailed down.
posted by gomichild at 7:59 PM on December 16, 2007

What do you expect from a nation of criminals?
posted by b1tr0t at 8:01 PM on December 16, 2007

* Tries to prise-off the Post Comment button with a crow bar *
posted by Jimbob at 8:02 PM on December 16, 2007 [5 favorites]

The most bizarre thing about this is the reasonable resolution of a copyright dispute.
posted by stavrogin at 8:07 PM on December 16, 2007

Ack. Quantum physics from the point of view of a computer scientist. It's not a physics theory like electromagnetism or general relativity? Of course it is. It's like some kind of OS? Of course it's not.
posted by Schmucko at 8:13 PM on December 16, 2007

But how do we know this isn't simply a case of quantum entanglement?
posted by weapons-grade pandemonium at 8:22 PM on December 16, 2007

This internet is just not wrong enough.
posted by oddman at 8:27 PM on December 16, 2007

This internet already has enough sex and plagarism, thank you.
posted by Pants! at 8:33 PM on December 16, 2007

Ack. Quantum physics from the point of view of a computer scientist.

Yeah, what could he possibly have to offer?
posted by null terminated at 8:38 PM on December 16, 2007

This post had too few models talking quantum physics for my satisfaction.
posted by dhartung at 8:51 PM on December 16, 2007

He says he got a hundred jokes about "dating the models," but I were in his shoes I would have laughed at every goddamn one.

I still laugh at "all your base are belong to us," though.
posted by danb at 8:56 PM on December 16, 2007

The man that runs BrisScience, Joel Gilmore, is an great bloke. I did my undergrad alongside him, he was doing physics, and I was doing maths/computer science at the university of queensland.

Joel has an incredible energy, and when I knew him he was running the uq physics social group known as PAIN. No one knows yet what PAIN stands for, they haven't made up something to go with the acronym, but hopefully some scientist in the future will come up with something witty.

I recall Friday nights at PAIN involving liquid nitrogen icecream (yum) or microwaving lightballs (pretty lights!), and it looks like the Physics Demonstration Troupe is doing more of the same. More power to them.
posted by Jerub at 8:57 PM on December 16, 2007

...I’d immediately asked her to repeat the name.

“BrisScience,” she said.

“Spell it?” I asked.

“B-r-i-s-Science. Why, is there something funny about the name?”

“No, no, it shouldn’t be a big deal in Australia.”

That's too god damn funny.
posted by Alex404 at 8:58 PM on December 16, 2007 [1 favorite]

This is what happens when you don't stay away from copper.[1]
posted by Salmonberry at 9:06 PM on December 16, 2007

A boring story preposterously oversold. Also, Scott A. Anderson is a pompous twit.
posted by delmoi at 9:18 PM on December 16, 2007

(I mean Aaronson)
posted by delmoi at 9:19 PM on December 16, 2007

Maybe Scott Anderson, too.
posted by verb at 9:35 PM on December 16, 2007

Yes, this FPP is, at its simplest, about plagiarism. So right. But the quirk in the story is that some copier company's ad people's copy-writers just didn't know how to write something intelligent to put in their "intelligent models'" mouths; yet they themselves must have thought they could get away with cribbing some anonymous lecturers notes. "Who would know? How would it get back to this poor schmuck? What's a 'lecturer'* anyway?" And, that the lecturer DID find out, is sort of like the universe smiling down on him, and did he whore it out? No, he had a larf and got the ad people to give money to a charitable cause.

[[stamp of approval]] GOOD POST!

*Or whatever level of academic hell he resides in.
posted by not_on_display at 10:05 PM on December 16, 2007 [1 favorite]


The point is - the "s" in Brisbane is pronounced more like a "z". It sounds more like "Brizbane", and the shortened forms such as Brissy sound more like "Brizzy".

So unless there is some other joke I'm not seeing here than the two "s"s in there, the author is just showing their cultural ignorance of another country by mentioning it.
posted by gomichild at 10:13 PM on December 16, 2007

Mazel tov! It's a boy!
posted by lalochezia at 11:33 PM on December 16, 2007

This, it's something we had to explain? What are we living in, Montana?
posted by stavrogin at 1:07 AM on December 17, 2007

One way or another, MetaFilter always comes back around to talking about circumsision.
posted by cmonkey at 1:22 AM on December 17, 2007

I'm an American and live darn close to Montana, and I knew Brisbane was pronounced "brizbane" and didn't get the joke until I imagined a bunch of alternate (wrong) pronunciations.

I did like his story, though. It lightens my heart to know that the boring technical things I write may one day be uttered by Australian supermodels too.
posted by mmoncur at 3:42 AM on December 17, 2007

Bris-Bane sounds like what a mohel in Mordor would use.
posted by shothotbot at 4:25 AM on December 17, 2007 [2 favorites]

I don't think it's uncommon knowledge, even for us ignorant U.S. folk (hurf durf), how to pronounce Brisbane. The fact remains that in this case, Bris is immediately followed by the "s" sound of Science, so it's pretty easy to understand that the joke still works. In fact, the author is relaying a spoken conversation, so if anyone is being "ignorant" about how to pronounce BrisScience, it would have to be the quoted Jen Dodd, the FOUNDER OF THE LECTURE SERIES.
posted by solotoro at 2:01 PM on December 17, 2007

i was promised sex. i want my $5000 dollars (australian) back. as an american, i will not hesitate to hire an attorney on contingency.
posted by mano at 3:06 PM on December 17, 2007

PS: $5000 is way too cheap, even for a settlement.
posted by mano at 3:06 PM on December 17, 2007

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