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The Great Baltimore Fire of 1904
March 21, 2008 1:31 AM   Subscribe

"To suppose that the spirit of our people will not rise to the occasion is to suppose that our people are not genuine Americans. We shall make the fire of 1904 a landmark not of decline but of progress."
posted by dhammond (10 comments total) 6 users marked this as a favorite

Yes we can!
posted by orthogonality at 1:42 AM on March 21, 2008

Anyone else see the parallel to September 11th? Or am I crazy?
posted by ifthe21stcentury at 2:45 AM on March 21, 2008

I thought this was another Obama speech.
posted by nasreddin at 3:03 AM on March 21, 2008

I thought this was another Obama speech.

It's from 1904. Obviously a Dick Cheney speech.
posted by empyrean at 4:05 AM on March 21, 2008

I've been to Baltimore. Pity they never rebuilt it.
posted by three blind mice at 5:07 AM on March 21, 2008 [1 favorite]

Learned something new today - thanks dhammond!
posted by longdaysjourney at 7:30 AM on March 21, 2008

[this is good]
posted by lunit at 9:21 AM on March 21, 2008

With all the talk of standardized hose couplings that came from this fire, Rochester, NY was still using its own thread until the 1980s.
posted by tommasz at 10:10 AM on March 21, 2008

@ empyrean: You mean a McCain speech, right? Oh, no - that was the Great Chicago Fire.
posted by jabberjaw at 5:24 PM on March 21, 2008

Very cool - the link under "of progress" is pretty clearly the best.
posted by LobsterMitten at 12:20 AM on March 22, 2008

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