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Full concert podcasts from Web in Front
March 16, 2010 5:05 PM   Subscribe

Maybe you'd be interested in full, downloadable live concerts by Iggy Pop and David Bowie (1977), P. J. Harvey (1992), Neko Case (2006), or the Arcade Fire (2008)? The online, L.A.-based music publication Web in Front hosts a terrific collection of concert podcasts from rock bands and songsmiths of every era. From Talking Heads (1979) to Pavement and Dinosaur Jr. (1994); from dour troubadours like Lou Reed (1976) to dour troubadours like Nick Cave (1998), it's an inexhaustible trove. (Recent podcasts.)
posted by cirripede (26 comments total) 123 users marked this as a favorite

Great stuff thanks.
posted by therubettes at 5:11 PM on March 16, 2010

Fantastic stuff, thank you! Especially Pavement and Lou Reed.
posted by deacon_blues at 5:18 PM on March 16, 2010

posted by Civil_Disobedient at 5:23 PM on March 16, 2010

Party on, Garth...
posted by TigerMoth at 5:23 PM on March 16, 2010

Excellent find. This is truly internet=time travel for me. I was at this show back in '86, and now it's on my Zen.

posted by Benny Andajetz at 5:24 PM on March 16, 2010

Oh yes. Listening to PJ now. God, she sounds great. Thanks so much for the heads up on this site, cirripede!
posted by flapjax at midnite at 5:29 PM on March 16, 2010

They had me at the Archers of Loaf reference.
posted by Stylus Happenstance at 5:39 PM on March 16, 2010

You had me at Neko Case.
posted by jbickers at 5:44 PM on March 16, 2010

Here is the list of all concerts available . There are a lot of great ones: Jeff Buckley, the final Beatles concert, the Cramps in '82, Creedence in '71, Leonard Cohen in '72 or '09 (your pick), The Smiths in '86, Television in '78, etc. etc.
posted by msalt at 5:53 PM on March 16, 2010 [1 favorite]

msalt is right on; the list of podcasts available on that site really is bottomless. (Note that some of the newest concerts aren't on the full list page but can be found via the podcast tag on Web in Front. Also, unfortunately, a few of the most compelling podcasts (e.g. My Bloody Valentine live in 2008, that Smiths show from 1986) seem to have been removed. Still an embarrassment of riches.
posted by cirripede at 6:10 PM on March 16, 2010

Whut? No video?

Ah, there it is.

Oh hell, this is all new crap. I want my favorite old crap.
posted by charlie don't surf at 6:17 PM on March 16, 2010

Thank you for posting this. I'm listening to the Neko Case one now and I see a dozen or more other podcasts I'll be downloading.
posted by ralan at 6:22 PM on March 16, 2010

Talking Heads always sound so frigging tight.
posted by Huck500 at 6:25 PM on March 16, 2010

Some other easily missed highlights: Jeff Tweedy and Jay Bennett 1999 acoustic show; Velvet Underground live in 1969 (zip file at bottom); Pavement reunion concert in Sydney, 2010.
posted by cirripede at 6:29 PM on March 16, 2010

Oh *everyone* will know! Which is good. Some of these shows are truly fantastic.
posted by blixco at 6:33 PM on March 16, 2010

Web In Front, aw.....
posted by pinky at 7:38 PM on March 16, 2010

Thanks for this. Hoo boy, Elvis Costello, Lucinda Williams, and T-Bone Burnett. This is gonna be fun.
posted by marxchivist at 7:49 PM on March 16, 2010

Awesome! Thank you!
posted by rtha at 8:29 PM on March 16, 2010

Also, unfortunately, a few of the most compelling podcasts (e.g. The Cramps in 82, Beck w/The Flaming Lips) seem to have been removed.

*** *** ***

(We are currently in the process of transferring all of our mp3 files to a new server, something which is taking a bit longer than originally anticipated. If a podcast file is missing, please be patient, it will be back up very soon. –TW)
posted by The Hamms Bear at 8:37 PM on March 16, 2010 [1 favorite]

anyone find an itunes / rss link for these? i can't find one on the site or in the apple store, maybe i'm missing something....
posted by bbuda at 9:30 PM on March 16, 2010

This is good, really good.
posted by caddis at 3:57 AM on March 17, 2010

this is the best post I've read on the blue in six months. thank you.
posted by krautland at 6:29 AM on March 17, 2010

O God, I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a king of infinite space—if I were left there with P J.
posted by Houyhnhnm at 6:49 AM on March 17, 2010

I remember going to the Bowie/NIN show in st louis. That was such a strange mix of fans for a show.
posted by nomisxid at 7:54 AM on March 17, 2010

Why yes I would. Thank you very much!
posted by grapesaresour at 1:56 PM on March 17, 2010

nomisxid, when I saw NIN they had Saul Williams supporting. The sharp contrast did not go unnoticed by Mr. Williams: he intro'd Black Stacey with 'this is a song about what it feels like when you take your t-shirt off and you're still black...' That definitely got a giggle out of the pale English audience.
posted by slimepuppy at 3:57 PM on March 17, 2010

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