I Hope This Gets To You
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"I Hope This Gets To You" is a "digital love letter" by Walter C. May of The Daylights. He hopes it gets to her "organically—through tweets, links passed between friends, and blog posts."
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I'm trying not to let it get to me.
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While I'd like to believe this for what it is, I have just the slightest nagging feeling that this may be Walter trying to promote his band...
I could be entirely wrong, but if he is I think it's sort of a brilliant idea.
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And yet if he were Australian and sent it to his coworkers ...
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Meh. Back in the day Sting of English pop trio The Police stuffed his Message in a Bottle and set it adrift. That was real, honest-to-goodness hope. But what'd he get? A hundred billion bottles washed up on the shore.

This The Daylights character will be lucky if he gets a tiny fraction of that in tweets.
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What a surprise to see the Daylights on Metafilter. I loved this song when I was fourteen. But I don't think that this Walter C. May is in the band - it appears they just helped him out, as friends. It's a cute idea.
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Man this rubs me entirely the wrong way. You hope it gets to her "organically"? Man you know whose twitter I bet she reads? YOURS.

He already knows 25 ways to contact her directly he just wants to be all clever and Pepsi Blue about it.
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Whatever, meanies. I think this is lovely.
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graventy: "You hope it gets to her "organically"? Man you know whose twitter I bet she reads? YOURS. "

I blocked her... plus she never checks twitter.

Of course part of the point is to get lots of people to watch it. That doesn't make it insincere.
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