MeFi Mall

Here's a list of MeFites who have stuff they make and sell online. If you're shopping anyway, check out the stuff your fellow MeFites have available. If you're a MetaFilter member with stuff for sale, you can submit your shop. There's more info in MetaTalk.

Photography, Prints and Calendars

  • Crystalinne: Print With Love on Etsy! Get 25% OFF with code HAPPY (exp1/1/17) Instant download printable art featuring pop culture, tattoo style art, quotes, home decor, and more! Each print is carefully digitally designed or hand painted and scanned. Just purchase, print yourself (however many times you'd like!), and frame (or don't!) They make the perfect gift or, let's be honest, for your own wall! Shop now!
  • showbiz_liz: onedrumbeat: cards and prints of surreal collage art, made from the best my local thrift store or used book store has to offer. Always hand-cut, never Photoshopped. The cards and postcards are very cheap, in the $3 range, and the photographic prints start at only $9. If you like flowers, organs, and vintage ephemera, this one's for you.
  • vegartanipla: I sell original artwork, various sizes of metal and matted 8x10" and 11x14" paper print reproductions, and 5x5" greeting card reproductions. My artwork focuses on animal/nature/ecological/conservation themes. Email me to get individual quotes based on your exact desires, but originals typically cost between $450-750, prints between $60-100, and greeting cards $5/ea. Shipping for originals often runs about $35, for prints is typically about $25, and for cards is often about $3. I can get actual quotes from my shipper depending on end zip code. You can see some images of what various reproductions look like here.
  • heurtebise: Fish City - I sell prints and bags with my drawings of urban fish on them -- there's one drawing now, and I will be adding more this month. From now until the end of the year, all profits from the "All Fish Belong" prints and bags will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center.
  • dirtdirt: Dirtdirt at Etsy - art and illustrations. Say "Butts lol" and enjoy a free gift with purchase!
  • jjjjjjjijjjjjjj: has large historical map prints for sale. Note: all maps also have high-resolution file download (free for free), so if you'd rather, you can DIY some gifts however you'd like 'em.
  • nevercalm: So I listed this project, which became this FPP on the blue, which in turn led to this Etsy store. I photograph feathers that I find or that people send to me, as well as lovely shots of butterflies, skulls and stuffed animals!
  • aurynn: I sell books of my photography! And postcards of my photography! And prints of my photography. Latest book for sale is aerial photography of New Zealand and western US/Canada.
  • overeducated_alligator: Weightlifting ants! Forbidden octopus trysts! Roosters wearing cravats! Buy a print of one of my cartoon paintings for the precocious child or immature adult in your life. We've got CHARM and WHIMSY up to HERE I tell you. If you see something else on my portfolio that you'd like, let me know and I'll make it available as a print.
  • not_the_water: The Wild Bee Store sells exactly one thing: the Wild Bees of North America poster! Get face-to-face with some of North America's 4,000 native bee species. The poster includes 15 species, ranging from South Dakota to the Dominican Republic. 18x24 inches. $12. Use the code MEFI2016 to get $2 off your order! I donate part of the profits from the sale of this poster to native bee conservation efforts.

Recorded Music

  • chococat: Several albums worth of recent and not-so-recent recordings. It's delicious, homemade, independent basement pop just waiting for you at Send as a gift or enjoy for yourself! Don't forget to enter the discount code "mefi" on the Bandcamp site to get 10% off anything! (Also on iTunes, Amazon and most other places you can think of.)
  • motty: Fit and the Conniptions make music described by The Guardian as "sparse, creepy blues ballads... with shades of Nick Cave." May float your boat, depending on your boat.
  • dagosto: A growing collection of surf rock and roll from The Phone Calls and some older solo work. 10% of with the code mefi. You can also get The Phone Calls debut via iTunes and Amazon.
  • prismatic7: My bandcamp collection of sound design for theatre and live performance. Ambient, drone, noise and related electronica, if you like that sort of thing. 10% off with discount code: mefite Cameron Woodhead called me an ultraminimalist. I thought: 'yes.'


  • slappy_pinchbottom: Give a custom-written poem (or several) this year! We're the Typewriter Rodeo, and we write customized poems by request, on vintage manual typewriters. As a gift they're personal, unique (every poem is different), meaningful, clever AND/OR moving, with a bit of literary flair. They make a truly thoughtful gift. Order today for the low low price of $28/poem (shipping included). Mention Metafilter and get $5 off! (Orders submitted before next Monday, Dec. 14, are guaranteed to arrive by Xmas; after that, only the gods of chance and postage can say...)

Etsy, Crafts and Jewelry

  • alynnk: Rational Designs on Etsy, a shop with handmade cards, invitations and other pretty paper things. 15% off with coupon code MEFISHOP.
  • d13t_p3ps1: Brain Basket Designs I make wire wrap jewelry with a wide variety of crystals and minerals, with a focus on pendants and necklaces. Use the coupon code METAFILTER to get 10% off your purchase!
  • Sweetie Darling: Rock Springs Paper Craft: Hand-marbled paper and gift items made from same - note cards, coasters and hand-stitched notebooks. 10% discount for MeFites; enter SWEETIE at checkout. Sales tax collected on orders shipping within North Carolina.
  • robocop is bleeding: The Corey Press - Cthulhu, Lovecraft, UFOs, Alien Abduction, Dinosaur Knights, and other flights of geeky madness hand carved and pressed on to wooden panels in Salem, MA.
  • anastasiav: Nothing says the holidays like candles! I sell an assortment of hand-decorated, fully-burnable pillar candles, mainly sourced from vintage postcards and greeting cards. I can also turn your photograph, or other treasured image into a special keepsake. (You must provide the image.) I will make you a Metafilter-themed candle on request (proofs are always sent on custom work prior to purchase).
  • jferg: My mom has somewhat recently taken up weaving, and has some very nice scarves and other woven goods for sale on Etsy and through her website.
  • picea: I've got two venues for selling my wares. Firstly, my etsy store has some of my hand-made ceramics for sale. I have been making some fun pet bowls, mugs and cake stands. Secondly, my Threadless Artist Shop has a few t-shirt designs, including one featuring the popular microbeast, the tardigrade!
  • limeonaire: yeahlikethat and I are selling shiny, offbeat cloisonné pins (coral horse emoji, Illuminati eye, etc.) at Scared Cicada. Up your #pingame and get 15 percent off with code MEFI! St. Louis Skies, Volume 1 presents the first half of my collected photos of dramatic skies and strange clouds, printed in a glossy, high-color format by Blurb. Buy it in hardcover or softcover. It's great for connoisseurs of clouds, urban skyscapes, and regional architecture, and several of the photos were shot at St. Louis MetaFilter meetups! I'm also selling postcards of these photos and vaguely occult T-shirts on Zazzle.
  • jenjenc: I make hand-cut ornaments out of hardwood on my scroll saw. I offer a variety of shapes and some of them can be personalized with names. I've mostly sold via Facebook and locally but I do have a website now. I also do jigsaw puzzles with photos. All you have to do is email me a file of your photo and I will make it into a puzzle either 8x10 or 5x7, and the difficulty can be customized. These are great gifts but they are all made to order so the earlier, the better!
  • Kafkaesque: My wife makes and sells hand-painted jewelry and prints, featuring space stuff like the Mars Rover, nature stuff like rabbits and bees, and landmark stuff like the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • cowlick: ElaineCL. We make high end (100% handmade) fashionable clothes for women. Our pieces are designed to be worn for sophisticated working women or for a casual evening. We have expanded our line to include high quality children's wear. Using the discount code HOLIDAY2015 will give an additional 25% off all orders.
  • Jon_Evil: Jon Good Chocolates is an artisan chocolatier in New York, specializing in fancy hand-painted bonbons and amazing spaceships made from Chocolate. Almost all the chocolates are vegan, except for the ones with bacon in them.
  • Lucinda: the KicktoriaCollective is where I sell roller derby-themed pins and pendants, but I do have vintage magazine-based stuff as well. Use BEANPLATE by 12/23 to get 15% off your order.
  • fixedgear: Fixed Wheel Vintage is my shop! We specialize in an eclectic mix of vintage merchandise. We love the stuff we sell; check our shop for mid-century, industrial and other delightful goodies. Come back often as we're always looking high and low for new old treasures.
  • coevals: Little Wolf Press is an Etsy shop, with digital prints, greeting cards, and original paintings. Thank you for checking it out.
  • hellomina: Anchor Watch Straps You can purchase leather NATO style watch straps, apple watch straps and two piece straps at my etsy store. Use coupon "GRACIAS" for 15% off.
  • Lapin: I have a (new!) Etsy store - Miasma Designs where I sell quirky/eclectic/fantasy/techie polymer clay jewelry. 10% off for Mefites with MEFIMALL code.
  • fiercecupcake: ParmaViolent sells semiprecious jewelry (Steven Universe inspired!), growler cozies, antler rings, metal chains (including wallet chains), and other adornments made by hand from metal, antler, fiber, and more. If you would like an alteration of a product (chain length, jewelry findings, etc.) or a custom order, just ask! Many products can be modified to suit your needs.
  • Meagan: Say MeFi in your order and receive 5% off! Geeky and fantasy art, including laser-etched woodblock prints, WordPress necklaces, and fantasy pendants.
  • stilgar: I make jewelry, and all sorts of bicycle themed stuff. From earrings to flasks, to head badges for bicycles and everything in between. Future Crash I also have a shop for themed.. items. Also Bicycle themed! Raven's Head Toys
  • palindromeisnotapalindrome: Toys! Comics! Art! In my shop one might find hand crafted plush figures and accessories including felt flower crowns and small bags with embroidery, as well as items related to my illustration work such as original art, prints, and self published comic books. Basically whatever I'm making currently.

Books, Magazines and Zines

  • Mchelly: The Norma Gene - In the near future, human cloning has become commonplace, and celebrity cloning is the latest fad. A fast, funny take on authenticity, superficiality, and what would happen if Abraham Lincoln and Marilyn Monroe finally had the chance to get it on. Finalist in 2016 Best Book Awards for Science Fiction Amazon Link. Barnes and Noble. SPD.
  • veggieboy: "Will It Waffle?" answers the question posed in its title by providing 53 recipes for your waffle iron that are most definitely not waffles. (Think waffled chocolate chip cookies, waffled french toast, waffled zucchini-parmesan fritters, and more.)
  • Mike Mongo: The Astronaut Instruction Manual. A fully-functioning children's book for the kind of awesome 8-12 year olds who have been awaiting permission to live, work, and play in space–as Earth's next generation of astronaut space explorers. As seen on Metafilter. Soon to be television series. This year available as audiobook.
  • Major Matt Mason Dixon: The first book in my Denton Ward and Monty Crocetti mystery series, Resurrection Angel, was a finalist in the St Martin's Press Best First Novel of the Year, and also a finalist for the Private Eye Writers of America Shamus Award for Best First Novel of the Year. There are currently two books in the series. Here's a link to the first book Here's a link to all my books - novels and self-help coaching books Thank you!
  • ManInSuit: Sheila Heti (author, most recently, of How Should A Person Be) had the idea to collaborate with me on a book of everything I know. That book is The Chairs Are Where The People Go. It is about improvisation, municipal politics, how to teach a charades class, running conferences, feeling like a fraud, love, quitting smoking, and other things. [Amazon USA // Canada // UK] The New Yorker said: "A triumph of what might be called conversational philosophy... The world is better for these humane and hilarious essays."
  • cmcmcm: Angelboy is a gothic action manga that will appeal to fans of Death Note and Full Metal Alchemist. I am the sole writer, artist and publisher. A great gift for older teens! Amazon link.
  • Scram: My new guidebook How To Find Old Los Angeles celebrates places where the past is present. Recently named one of 100 Must-Read Noirs by Book Riot, The Kept Girl is a fact-based mystery novel set in 1929 Los Angeles and starring the young Raymond Chandler, who is also celebrated in a stocking-sized Art Deco map. Plus: a seasonal sale on gift certificates for Esotouric's offbeat L.A. bus tours (The Real Black Dahlia, Charles Bukowski's LA, etc), and back issues of Scram, a journal of unpopular culture.
  • obloquy: The Supernatural History Series brings the spooky past to life in vintage style! Pre-wrapped in paper and string for gift-giving, each of these handmade packs includes a custom edition of a classic book, plus facsimile artifacts, a hand-stamped postcard and more. Choose from the Salem Witch Pack, the Hydesville Ghost Pack or the Geneva Vampire Pack.
  • anothermug: Less, my short book about the habits and psychology of personal minimalism. Not a book about decluttering, but about how a tendency to be minimalist has an effect also on everything from your well-being to your personal relationships. Non-fiction not your thang? I've also written a literary mystery novel, with a twist: The Killing Type.
  • changeling: has written two young adult novels: Like Mandarin, about wildwinds & wild girls in the Wyoming badlands; and Wanderlove, featuring Central America backpacking, romance & jungle beasties (bonus: illustrations!)
  • TheGoodBlood: Queer zines! Queer zines! Queer zines! Queer zines! Queer zines! Butch dyke zines! A queer linguistic zine! Fiction and history! And my micro press B&D Press has a 15% coupon for mefites: MEFIJOY Great stocking fillers :)
  • BWA: The Great Siege of Malta: The Epic Battle between the Ottoman Empire and the Knights of St. John. Straight, readable history of a crucial turning point in the 16 century struggle for the Mediterranean. Rich in character and anecdote, an answer to the “What do I get Uncle Roscoe this year” question.

T-Shirts, Mugs, Cafe Press-type Items

  • bfootdav: Platonic Music Engine (at Cafe Press) A few items with the Platonic Music Engine logo and maybe even some relevant quotes! In case you don't frequent MefiMusic, my software generates music in many different styles and unique to whatever numbers/letters you enter in (like your name, your cat's birthday, the text of Gravity's Rainbow, etc).
  • Devils Rancher: Wearable Serigraphy is a series of high-end halftone screen prints, based on my black and white photography.
  • dame: Data-derived geometric prints on anything from Society6 — bedspreads, shower curtains, phone and laptop covers, &c.
  • Wordshore: Libraries are cool, and learning stuff is cool, so Use Libraries and Learn Stuff. Items and ephemera includes greetings cards, a poster (the most popular product, bought by libraries and librarians in several countries and used in several protests and demonstrations), postcards, mugs, aprons and more. Zazzle get most of the money; the buck or two I make off each item go (for family reasons) towards organizations who research Progressive Supranuclear Palsy.


  • jessamyn: I made a store. I am getting rid of clothes that don't fit me. This includes some MeFi swag. One of a kind classic MeFi nonsense and you can probably scrape some DNA off of them and clone me.
  • turtlegirl: Vermont Natural Sheepskins is the first non-toxic source for sheepskin rugs in the US. Get one for your floor, your sofa, your bed, your baby's room, your weaving bench, or anywhere you want a little extra, cozy comfort. We also sell wool blankets and hand-dyed yarn. All products are Vermont-sourced and made in New England.
  • DarlingBri: Woof Hampers: Luxurious dog hampers for big dogs, small dogs and pups, packed with delicious dog treats, tough toys and pampering pet care. All items are tested by our official Woof Crew, from a tiny Bichon to a giant Leonberger. Santapaws will deliver these gift baskets worldwide, and you can save 10% with code WOOFWELCOME too.
  • concavity: Make miniature models of the places you love. I built Topophile Models because I love the mountains of the PNW. Use Topophile to design a model of a place and order a 3D print.
  • usonian: usonian: I make and sell bow ties and other miscellany at (also on Etsy, if you'd rather not use PayPal.) 10% discount for MeFites! (Use coupon code BEANPLATE on either site at checkout.) Order by Sunday, December 11 for delivery before Christmas in the US.
  • Soliloquy: Blanket My Baby at sells baby blankets and cute animal lovies, embroidered with your baby's name. MeFites may use code MefiBaby10 for a 10% discount off any order over $20, and shipping is free with any order over $100.