MeFi Mall

Here's a list of MeFites who have stuff they make and sell online. If you're shopping anyway, check out the stuff your fellow MeFites have available. If you're a MetaFilter member with stuff for sale, you can submit your shop. There's more info in MetaTalk.

Photography, Prints and Calendars

  • woodblock100: has a special 'Gift Print' page up at this time every year, with a new one in his series of small-scale handmade woodblock prints. The new 'Heroes' prints may also be suitable for any gamers on your shopping list!
  • Crystalinne: brings you Tattoo Fruit: Unique photography and prints of tattooed fruit. Get instant downloads on Etsy - including greeting cards, or full framing options, metal prints, and standout displays from Zenfolio. These are sure to excite anyone who loves tattoos! It's tattoo art with a twist.
  • nevercalm: So I listed this project, which became this FPP on the blue, which in turn led to this Etsy store. I photograph feathers that I find or that people send to me, as well as lovely shots of butterflies, skulls and stuffed animals!
  • klangklangston: Sleepwalk LA. I sell photography prints, mostly black and white. I've been selling them mostly to other MeFites for a while, but only ad hoc. This will be more permanent. Coupon code: METAFILTER for five percent off.
  • jjjjjjjijjjjjjj: has large historical map prints for sale. Note: all maps also have high-resolution file download (free for free), so if you'd rather, you can DIY some gifts however you'd like 'em.
  • pmcp: I create animations for Numberphile and have recently designed a poster which is available from DFTBA.
  • limeonaire: St. Louis Skies, Volume 1 presents the first half of my collected photographs of dramatic sunsets, sunrises, and strange clouds against a backdrop of St. Louis' unique plant life and architecture (with a few ringers from my travels to other cities), printed in a glossy, high-color format, making it a great gift for connoisseurs of clouds, urban skyscapes, and regional architecture. Several of the photos were shot at St. Louis MetaFilter meetups! It's available in hardcover and softcover from Blurb. I'm also selling postcards of these photos on Zazzle.
  • ancillary: It's often the case that the .h264-encoded video vignettes of one's life, those moving memories recorded and tucked away on mobile phones everywhere, wonder wistfully what fate awaits them. Thankfully, FlipClips exist specifically to alleviate the melancholy felt by these forgotten digital video files, thrust aside by their jpeg brethren who are gleefully t-shirted, postage-stamped, and photo-mugged/booked/pooped. In a beautifully hand-crafted, perfect-bound paper flipbook, these personal video files can live forever, batteries not required. 15% off with coupon code mefi15.

Recorded Music

  • loquacious: Thee Seldon Crisis Deep, dreamy and musical ambient noises recorded over the summer of 2013, created from found sounds and inspired by reading too much science fiction.
  • motty: Fit and the Conniptions make music described by The Guardian as "sparse, creepy blues ballads... with shades of Nick Cave." May float your boat, depending on your boat.
  • chococat: I'm currently working on brand new stuff, but there are 3 albums worth of recent and not-so-recent recordings of delicious, homemade, independent basement pop just waiting for you at Don't forget to enter the discount code "mefi" to get 10% off anything!
  • mysticreferee: Pay what you want (including $ 0.00) for Random Variables' first EP, Place Holders. We are a band from Cambridge, MA. We write some songs that I think you will like to listen to. Maybe you won't play them on repeat or dance to them, but they might be the kind that will lodge in your brain and make you go 'huh.' as you take a sip of your coffee and continue browsing the Internet. And maybe one day in the future, you'll go 'huh.' again and search for our song. Then, we will have achieved something. Help us achieve that.

Etsy, Crafts and Jewelry

  • turtlegirl: Gage Hill Crafts sells yarn, roving, knitting kits, and wool blankets sourced from small farms. We have yarns in a range of natural tones and naturally hand-dyed colors for knitting, weaving and felting.
  • stoneweaver: Euclid Street Studios uses LASERS to make jewelry, cufflinks, coasters, ornaments and other fun things out of non-toxic materials. Custom laser work happily accepted. If you have an idea, I'll make it happen. Custom orders need to be received by December 1 for Christmas delivery.
  • mikepop: has stickers for all your bikey needs. Many stickers per sheet - great for sharing.
  • usonian: usonian: makes and sells self-tie bow ties (and may have a couple of other things available for the holiday shopping season.) 10% discount for MeFites - use coupon code BEANPLATE. Order by Saturday, December 7 for delivery before Christmas in the US. (Priority Shipping upgrades are available as an extra precaution.)
  • anastasiav: anastasiav: Nothing says the holidays like candles! I sell an assortment of hand-decorated, fully-burnable pillar candles, mainly sourced from vintage postcards and greeting cards. I can also turn your photograph, or other treasured image into a special keepsake. (You must provide the image.) I will make you a Metafilter-themed candle on request (proofs are always sent on custom work prior to purchase).
  • keli: Sheep Dreamery creates and sells hand dyed yarn. Gradient lace yarn kits are available now for knitting or crocheting impressive shawls.
  • Yellow: I make and sell fine jewelry for men, women and children. I make everything that's every day jewelry and special items for occasions from birthdays to engagements. My specialty is making special designs. I have a few items on Etsy and I post new things frequently!
  • PlutoniumX: PlutoniumX: makes a lot of things. Lately it has been chainmaille jewelry, dicebags, and wallet chains (Etsy Link). It's Armor for your Everyday Life! Use Code: MEFI2014 for 10% off. Free bonus gift with any MEFI order. There is still time for custom work too. More pictures/items for reference are here:
  • fiercecupcake: ParmaViolent sells growler cozies, antler rings, metal chains (including wallet chains), and other adornments made by hand from metal, antler, fiber, and more. If you would like an alteration of a product (chain length, jewelry findings, etc.) or a custom order, just ask! Many products can be modified to suit your needs.
  • heinouslizard: I make scarves in the shape of dragons, unicorns, and various other creatures. Most of the items are made from high-quality fibers, and all of them are hand-knit and/or -crocheted. I also crochet and decorate miniature top hat fascinators, for those into steampunk and cosplay. I have a wide range of hand-crocheted berets, various wraps and cowls, and a children's section. My products range from quirky to classy, with an emphasis on cozy whimsy. There is a growing Christmas section for those who like seasonal apparel. Come check it out! Metafilter users get a 15% discount with coupon code METAFRIEND.
  • kimbot: At Burnt Sky Jewelry (on Etsy) I sell minimalist jewelry (all handmade by me) that is inspired by a science-fictional/post-apocalyptic/gothic aesthetic. I mostly use metals -- sterling silver, copper, and aluminum, as well as niobium and titanium for hypoallergenic earrings -- and along with that, I use epoxy resin, gemstone and glass beads, and rubber. I do custom work, will be listing new items throughout the month, and mefites get 10% off purchases through 1/15 with code MEFI2014! Thanks for coming by! :)
  • madred: I've been posting my art, originals, prints, and my artwork on all kinds of other things on Etsy for the last year. I've been so busy painting that I haven't had much time for Metafilter. But I still love you very much and so I have a 10% coupon for just for MeFis (use: METAGIFTER at checkout). Don't bother shopping my store front though unless you're a big fan of color and you have a soft spot for animals.
  • bedhead: My Etsy shop is Below the Deep. We make jewelry and accessories inspired by the things we love - beautiful semiprecious stones, distressed metals, and great fabrics that we find in our travels. MeFites get 20% off with discount code MEFIMALL.
  • magnetsphere: The perfect gift for anyone? It is made out of duct tape. Wallets, purses, luggage tags, rings, flowers, other stuff! Use code MEFITE for free shipping in the US.
  • GrapeApiary: My girlfriend sells products at The Artisan Loft crafted from natural, skin-supporting ingredients like nutrient-dense herbs, salts, barks, clay, etc. found in nature. She has lip balms, body butters, lotion bars, skin scrubs, foot soaks, chest rubs, and muscle & joint rubs.

Books, Magazines and Zines

  • ITheCosmos: I have zines up in my Etsy store about the radical possibilities of friendship, about circumnavigating North America by Greyhound bus, about the delights of the city of Ottawa, and about fanfiction as a survival tool.
  • veggieboy: "Will It Waffle?" answers the question posed in its title by providing 53 recipes for your waffle iron that are most definitely not waffles. (Think waffled chocolate chip cookies, waffled french toast, waffled zucchini-parmesan fritters, and more.)
  • obloquy: Newly published pocket paperback editions of Victorian-era novels and stories of rural New England by Laura E. Richards (1850–1943), for children and adults. Shop from website or directly from Lulu.
  • Narrative Priorities: has several small press comics and books for sale, including print editions of her collaborative webcomic, A Stray in the Woods, and its sequel, A Leaf in the Night. You can also find silkscreen prints, stickers and minicomics (only some of which are cat-related)!
  • The Wrong Kind of Cheese: 57 Secrets for Organizing Your Small Business packs in 188 pages of my professional organizing advice (and goofy humor) for saving time, reducing stress, and increasing productivity. It's for overwhelmed (or aspiring) freelancers, self-employed snowflakes and small business leaders drowning in paper piles and sticky notes, emails and interruptions, social media burnout and writer's block.
  • oulipian: Field Notes (2014) is a hardcover book of photos and poems about writing outdoors. Small Landmarks (2013) is an ebook about walking, finding things, and making connections.
  • sleevener: Two books of poetry: Rain (Wave Books, 2006, kinda lyrical, suitable for fans of Neutral Milk Hotel and flowering trees), and Uncanny Valley (Cleveland State, 2012, kinda more strident but still kinda lyrical, suitable for fans of Julian Jaynes and the aftermath of semantic satiation).
  • sawdustbear: Shing Yin Khor runs a store and small press that publishes comics and zines on really nice paper, and paints and sculpts strange monsters.
  • ManInSuit: Sheila Heti (author, most recently, of How Should A Person Be) had the idea to collaborate with me on a book of everything I know. That book is The Chairs Are Where The People Go. It is about improvisation, municipal politics, how to teach a charades class, running conferences, feeling like a fraud, love, quitting smoking, and other things. [Amazon USA // Canada // UK] The New Yorker said: "A triumph of what might be called conversational philosophy... The world is better for these humane and hilarious essays."
  • scaryblackdeath: scaryblackdeath writes about student debt and space pirates in the military sci-fi novels Poor Man's Fight and Rich Man's War. He also offers fun, smut-filled urban fantasy adventure in Good Intentions and Natural Consequences. His Amazon author page offers his works both in Kindle and paperback format. If you're interested in other e-book formats, many other options are available on smashwords. Please heed the warning labels where they appear!
  • Scram: The Kept Girl is a fact-based mystery novel set in 1929 Los Angeles and starring the young Raymond Chandler, who is also celebrated in a new stocking-sized Art Deco map. Plus: a seasonal sale on gift certificates for Esotouric's offbeat L.A. bus tours, and back issues of Scram, a journal of unpopular culture.
  • Lokheed: 3500: An Autistic Boy's Ten-Year Romance with Snow White is the inspiring true story of how a theme park attraction changed the lives of an autistic child and his family. Available in both print and digital, all proceeds go directly into the boy's Special Needs Trust. The book was listed on MefiProjects when it first came out.
  • dng: I write children's books, and my newest book is Do Not Disturb The Dragon, which is available to buy at Amazon and elsewhere. My previous books Spiders Are Wonderful and The Saddest Bear Of All are both available to buy on itunes (spiders, bears)
  • newrambler: I was like a classic AskMe--35, six months into a new job, one month into a relationship, and suddenly pregnant. So I wrote a book about it called Night Sweats: An Unexpected Pregnancy, available in paper and ebook versions.

T-Shirts, Mugs, Cafe Press-type Items

  • louche mustachio: Monstering I finally got it together and restarted my CafePress shop. I am still adding to the store, but it is items with drawings of monsters or other strangenesses printed upon them.
  • Jezztek: Offers the Amorphia Family of geek friendly t-shirt shops including: Monsters of Grok - Band shirts for famous scientists and philosophers, Teach the Controversy - pro-science creationism parody designs, and The History League - hypothetical sports team logos from history.
  • nanojath: 5,000 years of history between humans and cannabis on one beautiful shirt. I've dropped the price and they're running out. Available in L and XL only, sorry - these are remainder inventory from a long-shuttered business.
  • robocop is bleeding: Merseyside - Just added a bunch of designs based on classic Entering signs and fictional places. Let everyone one on your list take a trip to Arkham, Innsmouth, Dunwich, Carcosa, and even Greyhawk!
  • bhayes82: I run The Bear and The Elephant, making custom stationery and templates for weddings and life events. Save The Date cards, Christmas cards, magnets, and more. 10% discount for MeFi members on orders of $50 or more with coupon code MEFI10.


  • sleepy pete: Big Delicious Monster Fuzz Pedals Inexpensive (cheap!) handmade boutique fuzz pedals for guitar or bass. The lowdown: Big Delicious Monster Pedals (named after two of our cats) are handmade circuits with point-to-point soldering on perfboard. We firmly believe that just because we sell "boutique" pedals that they need not be incredibly expensive. Our pedals are shipped priority mail through USPS (United States only for now) within 1 to 3 business days. Thanks and we hope your holiday season is fantastic.
  • mathiu: is a webshop with exotic brush pens, origami paper and the amazing Uni-Kuru Toga auto-rotating pencil - all from Japan. Free worldwide shipping over 30€ + I'm glad to assist all English speakers since the shop is still partly in German.
  • jessamyn: I made a store. I am getting rid of clothes that don't fit me. This includes some MeFi swag. One of a kind classic MeFi nonsense and you can probably scrape some DNA off of them and clone me.
  • banished: Comfort Stick - Soft lips, face, and body. Perfect for dry, winter skin.