March 14, 2000
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Here in Seattle, we have a thing for big, ugly buildings. Sports fans, in particular, have a thing for building expensive, retractable roofed stadiums. So in order to make room for another one, the city is imploding the Kingdome.
Bad news for Martini Design, seeing as how they're located across the street. Or good news, maybe, since they're probably getting a lot of trafic from their implosion site, with the streaming webcam, and the Flash game, "The Imploder." I still haven't been able to tear the thing down without taking a few innocent buildings down with it.
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More power to Frank O. Gehry and LMN Architects. Whether or not the building is "good" or "bad" architecture is in debate. At least it IS Architecture. And thats a rare thing.

BTW, no NFL team who's home turf is in fact turf, well, in a dome, has ever won a super bowl (so I'm told).
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