September 10, 2001
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Pages about the band Hot Snakes eventually led me to the site of record label Vagrant. I'm really impressed by the clean design and quality content. What other stand out record label sites are out there?
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try out Invisible Records for some fantastic post-industrial work from a myriad of bands - Pigface, Damage Manual, Sheep on Drugs, all sorts of shiny goodness. Nettwerk (most famous for Skinny Puppy et al) is also widely diversifying their sound base, doing everything from download to Sarah McLachlan and MC 900 ft Jesus. tasty biscuits indeed...
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FireTone Records is a fun little site.

Then there's Maverick Records, created by the WDDG - (kind of processor intensive Flash - be warned if you hate that sort of thing).

[server go down for a bit?]
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CD Baby isn't a record label per se, but is an interesting place to pick up CD's from independent bands. I've found all sorts of interesting music there, and I go poking through the bins pretty frequently to see what's new in their inventory.
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See-Thru Broadcasting Great site, fairly new label. It has Enon, the post-Brainiac wonders. And the Gwenmars are good, too.
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Warp is home to artists like Two Lone Swordsmen, Aphex Twin, Autechre and many other influential so-called "IDM" artists. Lots of fun stuff there to poke around with.
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Matador is still a gooder, with a well done web presence.
I'd link to it, but I've done so in the past. I can no longer tell if that is considered a double post or not, so if you don't know what I'm talking about, just type the word "Matador" into your favorite search engine, and head for the link that looks like a record company. Buy the still excellent 10th anniversary 3 disk set for the low low price of about 10 bucks or so, and luxuriate in the rich, diverse, musical goodness.
Also, floss regularly, get lots of riboflavin, and stop picking that or it will never heal.
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