I'm not getting back into the van until you say we're heavy metal
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The NWOBHM produced many influential bands, but perhaps the most overlooked were Bad News - this hard hitting documentary shows their early - days
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Burnin', lootin', rapin' and a-shootin'!

I'm a warrior, the blood don't wash away! I'm a warrior, I'll kill myself some day!

Bad News were great. I had the video on VHS a long time ago, but lost it. I still have the CD, which is pretty funny.
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Also, yes, that's Rik (Colin Grigson), Vyv (Vim Fuego), and Neil (Den Dennis). Mike didn't feature (Chris Ryan was always the odd man out, anyway). Last is Peter Richardson (Spider Webb).

Has the Comic Strip ever been released on DVD? I'd also like to see the one with the Hawaiians again, and the Famous Five episodes...
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channel 4 do have it up on their youtube site - which handily doesnt actually work.
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This is how I imagine Saxon rolled.
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Yup - they were all issued as DVDs. Should be available on Ebay and Amazon.

One of my friends used to have the first Bad News album (produced by Brian May) and it was a really good comedy album.

E.g. this is them rehearsing the song Bad Dreams

Sounds like every band practice.
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I saw this on a beat-up VHS tape back in university. The best parts were their performance at the Monsters Of Rock festival (the crowd was Not Amused) and the scene where they trashed their hotel room (dialogue approximate):

"I'm gonna be Keith Moon!" *SMASH*
"I'm gonna be Pete Townshend!" *SMASH*
"I'm gonna be Roger Daltrey!" *SMASH*
"I'm gonna be that guy what nobody knows his name!"
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Burnin, Lootin, Rapin and a Shootin!
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Wow, looks like the CD was remastered in 2004, and is available for download from Amazon.
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I should point out in our half-assed punk apartment in the late-eighties/early nineties in Brooklyn we had "I shacked up with punks!" written on the wall in marker.

It was influential.
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My wife and I love Bad News. We've got both specials ("Bad News" and "More Bad News") on VHS, and used to watch them over and over...
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John Entwistle
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I still lose it every time I hear Bohemian Rhapsody because I can't help but expect "No no no no absolutely not!"
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Can't we just skip the bollocks and get to the rocking bit?
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Wait, have we already forgotten that Metafilter does not do rape and murder jokes well?!?!
Anyway, I had never heard of this before now and I just loved the Young Ones.
Also, some of the names on that first Wikipedia page are priceless. "Witchfinder General"!
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"We are the keepers of the sacred words: Ni, Ping, and NWOBHM."
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Whatlabel is the CD on? What's that, you say? Frilly Pink?
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Oh my God an old band of mine would listen to the soundtracks to Bad News and More Bad News obsessively in the van whenever we were going anywhere, stuff still cracks me up.

"here comes the BEAST again! . . . . "


The tapes were eventually eclipsed by the first Tenacious D record. Good memories.
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Also this transcendent couplet:

Pour me another drink mister bartender
If you don't then I'm gonna stick your dick in a blender

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yep - we dont do r*pe jokes very well, because theres nothing funny about them.
However, neathandertal men using that kind of imagery in their music deserve to be fully taken the piss out of on a regular basis.

Sadly, Manowar have yet to get the memo.
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Listen to me drinking, drinky drinky drink.

I'm going to dig that CD back out tonight.
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The entire series of Comic Strip Presents is available as a box set from Amazon UK or Play.com

9 DVDs for £14 is quite a bargain, but it's region 2 only:

DISC 1. Five Go Mad In Dorset / War / The Beat Generation / Bad News Tour / Summer School / Five Go Mad On Mescalin.
DISC 2. Dirty Movie / Susie / A Fistful Of Travelers' Cheques / Gino - Full Story and Pics / Eddie Monsoon - A Life?
DISC 3. Slags / The Bullshitters / The Supergrass (feature movie) / Consuela
DISC 4. Private Enterprise / The Strike / More Bad News / Mr Jolly Lives Next Door
DISC 5. The Yob / Didn't You Kill My Brother / Funseekers
DISC 6. South Atlantic Raiders / South Atlantic Raiders Pt II / GLC / Spaghetti Hoops / Oxford
DISC 7. Les Dogs / Red Nose Of Courage / The Crying Game / Wild Turkey / Detectives On The Edge Of A Nervous Breakdown / Space Virgins From The Planet Sex
DISC 8. Queen Of The Wild Frontier / Gregory - Diary Of A Nutcase / Demonella / Jealousy / Four Men In a Car / Four Men In a Plane
DISC 9. The Comic Strip Presents - A Retrospective / First Laugh on Four Pt 1 / First Laugh on Four Pt 2 / The Comic Strip (Julien Temple)
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DISC 4. [...] / More Bad News / Mr Jolly Lives Next Door

I think I just got to heaven...
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This is the best Bad News : Their cover of Bohemian Rhapsody
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flap flap flap flap

(that's a bat)
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That beast from the Lager of Lamot commercials.

Ah yes. Sabre-toothed horse.
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