Religion, freedom and democracy in Egypt
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Deacon Dodge has a couple of posts (here and here) about religion, freedom and democracy amid the turmoil of Egypt.

One fascinating story to emerge is the manifesto, which appears to have gone viral, in favour of the reform of Islam in its relationship with modernity.

And looking back to signs of hope 3 months ago: memories from an encounter between Christians and Muslims in... Cairo.
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What does Jesus Chrysler think?
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If Islam is going to have its version of Vatican II, good things might come of it. Latin America ended up with the liberation theology movement, which looked promising until a certain superpower made sure to quash it and related movements throughout the 1980s and beyond. Will be interesting to see how said superpower reacts if things go that way again, in a very "strategic" part of the world.
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If this isn't really all about legalizing will be.
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I think that the worst thing that could happen would be legalizing usury! Islamic banks enjoyed some protection by not being involved with usury.
As far as cleaning up Hadith, probably a good project. It seems like people make thise up or use unsound ones for all sorts of occasions.
The extreme separation of men and women did not exist at the begining, neither did the lack of spiritual and temporal authority of women.
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