Women's Economic Opportunity Index
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The Economist Intelligence Unit recently presented a 6 minute animated infographic summary of their global Women’s Economic Opportunity Index as designed by data visualisation agency JESS3.

According to EIU, the Women’s Economic Opportunity Index is

“a pilot effort to assess the laws, regulations, practices, and attitudes that affect women workers and entrepreneurs. It uses 26 indicators, selected and validated by a panel of gender experts, to evaluate every aspect of the economic and social value chain for women, from fertility to retirement.”

More infographics of the same report

Link to PDF of the 2010 report

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The Count 2010

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This is really the most well-done animated infographics I've seen. There's actually a reason for it to be animated. I think that we're going to be seeing more and more videos like this. I myself have been scrambling a bit to learn the skills to put them together.

Anyone else seeing this trend?
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Anyone else seeing this trend?

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There's a spot in the video at 4:30 where they're using isosceles triangles to represent values. The values shown are 7.0/8.0 and 4.5/12.0, yet the areas and heights don't map to those ratios at all, at least from the screen grab I just took. Can anyone explain how the sizes of those visuals actually map to the data? If not, it seems completely antithetical to the whole purpose of data visualization.
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I'm not won over by the 'visualisation', but it is an important topic I'm happy to see The Bourgeois Economist taking up.

smuggest point: Europe better at everything as usual (especially the smaller countries)

toughest point: Gap between announcing laws supporting women's rights and bothering to enforce them (nearly everywhere)
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Sorry to be critical, but having most texts and numbers in tiny, narrow fonts is a big fail in data visualisation. Also, part of the (complex) graphics are shown so quickly that I doubt that viewers unfamiliar with the topic have the time to make sense of them.
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IT'S OVER 9000!!!!

Seriously, these arbitrary scores don't help me all that much, particularly as they don't tell us what the highest possible score is. Units, people.
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The Economist Intelligence Unit makes me think of Bender and Fry going to see All My Circuits: The Movie directed by Directing Unit 4 and written by Writing Unit 12, Writing Unit 7, and Joe Eszterhas. *

* Actual unit numbers may not be correct.
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I"m not a fan of the transition center swipe. It attracts the most attention because it is the "action" but it is in a transition!

I agree that the content is worthwhile... usually slideshow animations have to keep me enthralled... this one was able to do it with content. Because of the content, I am also willing to share it in my social networks.

I think I am still most impressed with the whiteboard info-animation-graphical done in live-action comic style.
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