Happy Birthday Wardell Gray
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Exactly ninety years ago today jazz saxophonist Wardell Gray was born. While never a household name, among enthusiasts Gray is remembered as a gifted bebop soloist with a relaxed style and warm tone. Here he is playing Taking a Chance on Love (1952), Blue Lou (1948?), A Sinner Kissed An Angel (1950), One for Prez (1946), The Squirrel, & w/Dexter Gordon on The Chase (1952; Gray takes the 2nd solo).

Along with Gordon, Gray was part of the L.A. jazz scene in the 1940s and 50s (a scene that included such players as Hampton Hawes, Teddy Edwards, Sonny Criss, Art Pepper, etc). He also played with such notables as Earl Hines, Benny Goodman, Erroll Garner, Count Basie, Annie Ross, Art Farmer, and Gerald Wilson.

Tragically, Gray's drug habit has led to some speculation about the mystery surrounding his untimely death: in 1955 his body turned up in the desert outside Las Vegas. There is even a pretty good mystery-genre novel based (loosely) on his death.
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Great, thanks TEoIC! I hadn't heard of him before.
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Wardell Gray was a great saxophonist. It is a pity he did not live as long as his compadre Dexter Gordon. The original West Coast boppers helped make the tenor sax the king of modern jazz instruments.
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The original West Coast boppers helped make the tenor sax the king of modern jazz instruments.

But it took Rahsaan to put the stritch on the map.
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Don't forget his manzello, esteemed flapjax.
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Nice, I never heard of him before, but Dexter Gordon is one of my all time favorites.
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Yes fl@m, but that map is fading.
I know Wardell's playing but didn't know of his mysterious departure.
Happy Birthday, wherever you are.
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this will wardell.
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Wardell Gray played the original "Twisted" which Annie Ross put lyrics to, later popularized by Joni Mitchell.
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I found the album "Way Out Wardell" buried deep in my Dad's record collection back in the early '70s. Been a Wardell fan ever since. What a player!
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I love Wardell Gray. Really really cool that you took the time to commemorate him with this post, Emperor of Ice Cream.
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I couldn't believe the post didn't mention "Twisted" but since Jode has done it for me, I'll just say Gray was a terrific musician who deserves to be better known. Thanks for the post!
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