The Genesis and History of the Macintosh Project
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This is a short history and background of the Macintosh research project on the eve of its becoming a product.
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> I was originally requested to design a machine that would sell for under $500. Even the hasty estimation of the cost of any practical (non-toy) system showed that goal to be unrealistic, and a new goal of $1000 was settled on. [...] Initial mockups showed that a complete system in a single package could be made small enough to fit under an airline seat... Power consumption estimates showed that battery power was a possibility, although at a 2.5 kilo weight penalty."

Fascinating to see some of the design prospectus and compare it to what resulted. Thanks!
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This is good stuff. Nice post.
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Speaking of which, does anyone remember seeing a hypercard presentation of the history of Apple featuring a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young song (possibly, Teach your children)? I saw it sometime in 88-89 running on an SE. I sure would like to see that again.
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If you like this sort of thing, you'll probably really like
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Yeah, it's neat to see dot-matrix graphics but I'm surprised this isn't on

Also, cathode tubes!
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Neat post. Thanks!
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I recieved the first shipment of Macs east of the Mississippi while at Cornell U. Or so I am told.

I'm planning a book and speaking tour.
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Also of interest (has this been mentioned on here? Seems like it should have been): is a project by Andy Hertzfeld and Susan Klare documenting their (and other team members') memories of working on the Macintosh project.
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ovvl: "If you like this sort of thing, you'll probably really like"

D'oh! I scanned the thread but missed this, ovvl. sorry!
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Wow, thanks for a great post!

This really helped me to understand Apple's current line of products:

There were to be no peripheral slots so that the customers never had to see the inside of the machine (although external ports would be provided) ; there was a fixed memory size so that all applications would run on all Macintoshes ; the screen, keyboard, and mass storage device (and, we hoped, a printer) were to be built in so that the customer got a truly complete system, and so that we could control the appearance of characters and graphics.
Therefore, a predictable, documentable system must be entirely under Apple's control.

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low-end product line!
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