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In 2009, the question was asked: Can a comic book change the Middle East?

Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story (previously on Metafilter) was published in the US in 1957. It outlined the principles of nonviolent resistance, and was used as a guide for the students who launched the sit-in movement. In 2008, Dalia Ziada, Egypt Director of the American Islamic Congress, had the comic translated into Arabic and Farsi, and distributed copies across the Middle East. Now she credits it for helping inspire Egyptian activism.

When, at first, we went to print the comic book, a security officer blocked publication. So we called him and demanded a meeting. He agreed, and we read through the comic book over coffee to address his concerns. At the end, he granted permission to print and then asked: "Could I have a few extra copies for my kids?"
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Contrasting the George Wallice comic from 1960...
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The middle east now has more comic books in it.

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Can a comic book change the Middle East?

No. Comic books outside Japan have been declining for almost a half-century. They largely exist as an idea factory for product licensing.

"Socially enlightened" comic books have as much chance of bringing peace as We Are The World did for ending hunger,
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I thought it was well-wishers on Reddit who helped Middle Eastern revolutions?
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Wow, weird that this didn't get more discussion when it was fresh, cereselle. Maybe you just posted it a few days too early? I think it's a fascinating angle on these stories.
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