"Basketball is for folks who don't toss around mindblasts"
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March: when the swallows return to San Juan Capistrano, the NCAA Basketball Tournament begins and March MODOK Madness returns! Everyone's favorite Mobile Organism Designed Only for Killing gets his yearly tribute of new fan submitted artwork throughout the month, and this year, you can EVEN GET A T-SHIRT!

More March MODOK Madness on The Blue previously & previously-er. (Be gentle, it's my first post)
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Awesome! Also check out Chris Sims Young MODOK romance and what MODOK means to me.
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Allow me to give my...

Only for

...this is awesome.
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I thought they came back to Oxnard these days.
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This year is also extra special because MODOK is part of the roster for the recently released Marvel vs Capcom 3.
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Been there. Done that. I cheaped-out using web-based image generators, but, hey, nobody else had. This year, I will be testing the limits of my lack of artistic skill with a non-Marvel MODOK Mashup that I am frankly surprised nobody has done before. Stay TOONED, true disbelievers!
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Did you know that the original MODOK was from Bangor, Maine? If you've been to Bangor you wiil recognize that this goes a long way to explaining his unique look but not his super-intellect.
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I read the words... and immediately thought of the only mobile device that kills every time I could think of.... the Dalek.
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Oh man, if that Obama-style-posterized MODOK had said KILLING at the bottom instead of MODOK, it would have been perfect.
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Wait, foop, that was you?! Can I request a KILLING version?
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No-sword, I would do anything for you (but I won't do Meat Loaf songs). And here's a bonus preview of what I'm up to for this year, more in what I like to call my "photoslop" style.
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What that bio doesn't explain is that the original plan of the Scientist Supreme was to create the world's greatest chef. The Mechanized Organism Designed for Optimal Cookery was intended to tag-team with Bobby Flay* in a highly televised battle against the Kree-Skull Alliance Chefs in a massive Kosmic Kitchen Throwdown.** When the Scientist Supreme realized the extent of MODOC's celebrity chef desires, he tried to reconfigure him as a prep chef (Mechanized Organism Designated Only for Knifework), but that turned out predictably badly, Scientist Supremé was on the menu, and the rest, as they say, is history.

*Chef Flay wouldn't have been the first choice, I believe, except that the Food Network was destined to gain a controlling Share over A.I.M. in the early 2000s, and the Scientist Supreme didn't want a retro-schism.

**Yes, I know MODOC debuted in 1967 -- A.I.M. has had remote temporal viewing technology at least since the early 50s. The sad state of American culinary ambitions in the early 60s (when the project was conceived) led to the necessity of hideous mutation and mechanization, of course.***

***It's clear that note ** explains note *. This is an unfortunate side-effect of time-shifted scholarship.
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That Shepard Fairey Modok is my new desktop wallpaper, No-sword.

MODOK is awesome. Potentially even more awesome is that a recent Marvel comic - always hip to the zeitgeist, those chaps - made him MODORD (Mobile Organism Designed Only for Roller Derby). Whip it, MODOK. Whip it.
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Bookmarked this back in 2006. Still has a fair bit of M.O.D.O.K. art. Note the gallery links on the bottom right devoted solely to that Cranium of Crime.
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I just discovered that "modok" is Hungarian for "mods".
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When I was a wee child, for some reason I picked up and read a book called, "And Call My Killer ... MODOK!" Apparently, it is the first Iron Man-based novel ever written. Unfortunately for my childhood self, it made the assumption that anyone who would bother to read a book titled "And Call My Killer ... MODOK!" would know exactly who MODOK was and what he was all about, so it didn't really bother to explain. I recall being completely mystified as to the whole giant floating head in a chair thing.
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This year is also extra special because MODOK is part of the roster for the recently released Marvel vs Capcom 3.

And one of the alternate color schemes is even MODAM, down to the lipstick and everything.
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I love Jack Kirby, MODOK, and comics geeks. Thanks for posting, KingEdRa.
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Katy Perry vs Gaga Modok battle!
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The MODOKTOR. I may indeed take them up on the challenge to do the previous 10, but I have some other memes to mangle first.
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This reminds me of just how psychedelic Marvel could get in the late '60s and early '70s with the Hulk. Thank you very much for the link and I have already sent some images to my brother who was equally fascinated by those trippy Hulk comics from our youth.
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Come on, everybody wanted to see Hipster MODOK.
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