Breast cell animation
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Breast of the web!

PS: boobies
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I could live without knowing that the spread of cancer makes a horrible bits-of-styrofoam-rubbed-together noise.
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I love these (and Drew's previous work), so thanks for posting!

I'm pretty sure that he could make a fortune by running a lottery in which the jackpot is a lovingly crafted animation of your favourite biological pathway. The obscure-but-cool discoveries you made during your just-finished PhD, the network of protein interactions that have become your life's work... wouldn't it be awesome to have your obsessions taken from a few fuzzy gel images and statistical workups to one of these gorgeous animations for non-specialists to "ooh" over?

As it is, I know a couple of people in a breast cancer group who'll go nuts for these.
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The Breast Stem Cell animation was the work of my student Etsuko Uno with sound design by my longtime friend and collaborator Franc Tetaz. The credit really goes to Etsuko.

Some other recent stuff that may interest you:

- In January I spoke at Caltech at a celebration of Richard Feynman. My 10 minute TEDx presentation can be viewed here. In the last four minutes of the presentation I give a sneak preview of my model of a human kinetochore. The kinetochore is one of my favourite structures in biology.

- The kinetochore work comes from my contribution to this wonderful project. We have developed a prototype chapter on mitosis and are in the process of raising the considerable funds required to make this project happen.

- Then there is another project I am currently involved with which I am VERY excited about. Hopefully it will be released into the wild mid-year...

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That kinesin walking right over a dynein is badass, I didn't know they did that. I'm looking forward to what the mitosis ends up looking like.

What no spoilers?
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