A rare look at Ansel Adam's darkroom
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This is the extended version of Marc Silber's visit to Ansel Adams' home and darkroom. You'll hear his son Michael talk about some of Ansel's most iconic images, including the breakthrough he had when he first visualized the image of Half Dome. This led to the development of his unique and masterful style. You'll also see much more of his darkroom and hear about how Ansel worked and see the darkroom he custom built, like none on earth. Join us now for this rare, behind the scenes look. (SLYT 17:04)
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Doh. Misplaced apostrophe in the title. IHIWTH.
posted by spock at 1:34 PM on March 3, 2011

At about 1:00 they show off some of Adams' botanical photography, which I hadn't seen before. Great use of B&W.
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I haven't even clicked the link yet but I know I'll love this.
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I am a sucker for seeing photographers' work spaces and this has to be the one I have been most curious about. Thank you for posting this!
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You really, really, really need to see his prints in person. Reproductions, even digital ones, do his images no justice, even as gorgeous as they are. His mastery of craft keeps his work important and relevant even as his style of landscape photo became clich├ęd by over-imitation.
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