"A flamingo falls on them from above"
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Frozen Flamingos falling down in Siberia.

Original story from Ian Frazier's Travels in Siberia (pg.381-82)
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I so wanted this to be the title for a newly discovered Kurt Vonnegot novel.
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I just finished Travels In Siberia last night. Really enjoyable book, and the flamingo story was a neat little mystery.
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I so wanted this to be the title for a newly discovered Kurt Vonnegot novel.

He'd title it "Frozen Flamingoes Falling From Siberian Skies" and it would be about a horse who jumped over a fence, and by allegory, WWII.
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I heard a report about this on NPR this morning. Very interesting! The first bird they found was taken into a home and nursed back to health. It apparently bit the family dog.
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I heard the NPR piece this morning. I was fascinated by the discussion they had with anornithologist who proposed a theory why this may be happening (I'm assuming the linked article also mentions this, but the link gave my computer indigestion):

There's apparently some kind of either mental illness or bird-brain-wiring-screwup that causes them to flip cardinal directions. For instance, the bird will intend to fly 100 miles south, but will then get north and south confused -- and end up flying 100 miles north. Also, there's a spot in Iraq where these flamingos spend their winters, and there's a town equidistant from that spot in Iraq and this spot in Siberia where the flamingos spend their summers. So what may be happening, she suggested, is that this was a case where the bird was taking off for its winter in Iraq, but getting confused and flying the right number of days but in the wrong direction -- and ending up in Siberia.
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Now if it were pink elephants, it might make more sense, so to speak.
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I was just thinking yesterday that I need to read Frazier's book, after reading his Siberia stories in The New Yorker (I don't know if they were actual excerpts), and now this morning's NPR piece. Sold!
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These flamingos were damned lucky to run into friendly Siberian humans and not less friendly humans, other predators, or just miles of empty ice and snow. I wonder how many meet that fate every year.
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