Old Pen
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"The Old Idaho Penitentiary State Historical Site was a functioning prison for 101 years. It was built in 1870 and the first prisoners were brought in 1872. The buildings on the site were built by inmate laborers. The Old Idaho Penitentiary grew from a single cell house into a complex of several buildings holding Idaho's most notorious criminals. The Old Pen received over 13,000 inmates with a maximum population of 603 inmates. There were 222 women inmates (including repeat offenders.) Closed after riots in 1973, some say it's haunted.
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My brother is getting married there in July (next door in reality). I'll try to remember to let y'all know if I see a ghost.
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We live in Boise and have visited several times. There is also an impressive collection of arms tucked in the back corner. Many people visit without realizing it's there. Included in the collection is a fully functional Mig-15.
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I visited about ten years ago. No ghosts detected. Still, a rather spooky place.
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Yep, (spits) back in my day, I was one of the most notorious criminals in Idaho.

Yeah, the whole state! What the heck did you think I meant?
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Ah yeah ... I-Da-Ho ... the most aptly named state in the former Union.
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