The Death (and life) of Salvador Dali
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The Death Of Salvador Dali [18m23s] is a 2005 short film surrealistically depicting an imaginary visit to Sigmund Freud by the legendary artist. (Alternate Yahoo Video link)

But what about the real Dali? You can meet him in Salvador Dali: The Spanish Painter and Self Styled Genius (1h15m). Or you can meet him more surreally in Soft Self Portrait of Salvador Dali (52m32s). Or you can delight to his presence on What's My Line? (9m21s) (Previously.)
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Terry Johnson also wrote a play, Hysteria, on the meeting of Freud and Dali. BBC did a radio adaptation in 1998 (widely available via torrent).

Also, audio of Dali discussing Freud.
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I think this is a great little short film. Young Dali would have loved it. Old Dali would have asked (through an interpreter) for money for it bearing his name.
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A carpet-chewing performance by Dali's character, but, then, the man was such a flamboyantly purposive eccentric that the performance could be accurate enough. I never loved Dali, although I liked his first decade or two of work.

I wish surrealism wouldn't be so conflated in the average mind with Dali's work. I loved the painting - and sometimes the writings - of Ernst, Magritte, Tanguy, and deChirico so much more. And the semi-surrealists: Miro, especially. And the surrealist poets! (The original surrealists did not think painting, being so literal, could bring to light the workings of the subconscious as well as could poetry.)

Compare the artistic growth of Max Ernst to the stunted trajectory of Dali's work...
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Dali fans should also look into Surrealisimo: The Trial of Salvador Dali, also by the BBC, starring Stephen Fry and Ewen Bremner as Dali: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.
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If you like Dali, then you have to read his autobiography , it is the the most amazing, wonderful, barely coherent thing I've ever read. At one point the translator interrupts a story to explain how hard his job was to put together this anecdote from forty handwritten pages on foolscap, half of which are the word Gala written over and over.
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Rukataka rukataka fee yak fee yak.

Dali is one of my personal heroes.
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