Korg founder Tsutomu Katoh has died of cancer.
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Korg founder Tsutomu Katoh has died of cancer. Korg has been an enormously influential maker of electronic musical instruments as well as tools like tuners and metronomes. There has rarely been a time when I've been involved in making music without some sort of Korg gear around. Tsutomu will be missed by many.

Article in Japanese that google has a very hard time translating. As far as I can tell, his death was not a result of the recent earthquake.
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Thanks for the Wavedrum, more fun than I deserve.
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Every Apple user knows the startup "BONG!" but they do not know from whence it came.

Thanks for the synthBONG!s Tsutomu Katoh. Godspeed.
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*may not know... dont want to be presumptuous.
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my monotron gently weeps
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Electribe salute when I get home then...
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I <3 my Korg MS2000.
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I miss my Korg MS2000 desperately, so instead I shall play an anthem on my Microkorg.
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There's a Korg Wavestation in our practice room right now that originally retailed for some thing like $1800 that we found at Goodwill for $29.99. Still has the Goodwill price tag on it. Amazing machine with limitless possibilities.

So for making a device that to a Goodwill clerk is indistinguishable from a crappy Casio, I say thank you Mr. Katoh and

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I saw Korg gear in use on all my favorite music shows when I lived in Bosnia. Had excellent sound.
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Those Korg Vocoders in the 70's were the snazzle!

Thank you Katoh-San.

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I once had a Korg drum machine I struggled with mightily for years programming it, and re-programming it and taking it to shows and praying to God it wouldn't blank out the songs I'd programmed into it during a set while on the stage. It was a difficult drum machine to program and make sound like a somewhat conventional drumkit. It had so many over-produced sounding snares and kick drums and all manner of weird China cymbals that were useless and people would say "Why don't you get the Yamaha drum machine..." and I said "no...no...don't need the Yamaha drum machine..."

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Thank you for saying that he died, and not that he "passed". A man is not a fart.

I still hope to own a Korg MS-20 before I die. Godspeed you resonant lowpass filter emperor.
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.... .... .... ....

(^ Four on the floor ^)

I have a Korg NanoControl on my desk lent to me by a friend. It's a fantastic little piece of gear and makes a decent DAW or Mixer control, or DJ interface surface.
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Interesting fact - he's sampled on the Gorillaz track "Doncamatic," named after Korg's early drum machine. He's the guy at the beginning saying the name.
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My first hardware synth, all of 13 years ago, was a Korg X5D. Even though it was a modest rompler, even by the standards of the time (non-resonant filter (!), no sequencer or arp, etc.), and the piano presets sounded like a Kawai on speed, it was still a solid introduction to the world of synth programming. I should thank (or curse it, perhaps) for when programmed to its fullest, it managed to hint at what a synthesizer with a non-lame architecture *could* sound like. To this day, I still have samples of it - I somehow ended up coaxing patches out of it that enabled covers of Talking Heads, Spahn Ranch, and Market tracks that worked well enough when proper workstations or analog synths were way out of the price range of a hobbyist college student.

So thank you, Mr. Katoh, for giving me the tool that kicked off a lifetime fascination with that most ancient and most intriguing of Japanese instruments - the synthesizer. :)
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Most of my gear is Korg stuff. First the DS-20 emulator for the Nintendo DS, then the Electribe EMX-1, then the KP3. Their stuff is always amazingly fun to play with, and have brought me solace on many sleepless nights when I just want to get lost in the sounds I make.
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Yes, KORG has produced some great electronic instruments over the years, they've been a very creative company. I've been using their incredibly expressive WaveDrum (the first one, that is, came out in the 90s - unfortunately the new remake is but a pale shadow of the original) for years now, and, yeah, it's really something. Still unsurpassed in the world of electronic percussion: nothing else has come close.

I also used their excellent Electribe drum machine for a number of years, when I was really into more of a programming/electronica kind of thing. It sounded good, and had a lot of good functions, especially for live use. the icy-cool drum sounds on this track were all from the Electribe.

More recently, I picked up one of their delightful little MONOTRON synths. Fits in your shirt pocket, sounds unbelievably fat. Aside from cortex's drums and my vocal, the tiny MONOTRON is responsible for all the sounds you hear in this little number.

RIP, Katoh-san.
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KORG Poly 61-M.

That is all. Except this.

Android dreams of electric sheep.

Amen. And God bless you, Tsutomu Katoh.

So long and thanks for all the fzzzzzzzzzznnwanhwanhwanhwanhwanhbeeDAHbeeDAHbeeDAHwoowoowoowooweeweeweeOOOOHAAAAOOOOAAAAAOOOOAAAAA.

You made me all the human I am today.
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This is unfortunate.

The Korg KARMA was the first synthesizer I ever owned. It is an awesome burgundy beast.
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My Kaossilator, Monotron, KP-3, and Kaossilator Pro all send their condolences. I feel even more responsible now to learn how to use them all better.

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The only company to release software that did component-level simulation of their real analog synths, which is how they released excellent MS-20 emulators for Mac, Win, iPad and Nintendo DS. Even better their virtual Korg Mono/Poly for Mac & Win, was a perfect emulation of what was the best sounding Korg analog synth (due to the 24 db filter, proper envelopes and sheer quantity of oscillators when in mono mode).

Sadly they seem to have discontinued all their software except for the stuff on iPad and Nintendo.

Anyway, you made great tech Katoh-San and you will be missed.
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Also, FWIW Korg has owned the Vox guitar amplifier company since 1992.
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The Korg DS-10 Plus for the DS is my favorite game system soft-synth. I guess
its mainly do to the interface actually making sense compared to Nanoloop. Nanoloop was a step softsynth for the Game Boy and had a complete trainwreck of a GUI.

If you want here's a little humorous video about the DS-10 Plus to break up the sadness.
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My Korg M1 opened up many doors in my life. It was my first professional synth and I recorded the audition tape that got me into the fancy post-secondary recording production course in my neck of the woods.

I think I'll go give it a hug...

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My Z1 is weeping.

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Sadly they seem to have discontinued all their software

I don't think this is the case - in fact they have changed the pricing to make the instruments more accessible than ever:

Go get 'em!

They are branded as the "Legacy" line - could this have led to the idea that they're discontinued?
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We have a 1977 Mini-Korg sitting in our living room right now. And it still works fantastically.
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Thanks for my Micro-Korg. Love that thing.
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MS 10


(Oh, and the TU-12 tuner - I bought mine in 1984. The only tuner I've ever had that I really trusted.)
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When I got my Nintendo DSi, the KORG DS10+ was one of the first things on my list of software to get for it.

Thanks, Tsutomu.
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Time to fire up the MonoPoly once more and gaze at the arpeggiator lights in a darkened room. Thank you Tsutomu Katoh, your products made a lot of people very happy
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Much Korg equipment in my house. For years I wouldn't leave home without an Electribe. (Well, my R3 was a dud and never worked properly but anyone can have a bad day...)

Thanks for some amazing sounds, Katoh-San.
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I don't think this is the case - in fact they have changed the pricing to make the instruments more accessible than ever

Cool! All the other online retailers have the stuff marked as "discontinued" and don't mention that you can still get it direct from Korg as a download.
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