Hard rain on Libya
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The Great Sand Sea in Libya preserves some remarkeable meteoritea. Amazing though these are, none as enigmatic as the Libyan desert glass.

Missiles and bombs are not the only things falling from the skies over Libya. The great Libyan desert, part of the Sahara, is a remarkeably unchanging environment in places and contains the evidence of thousands of years of celestial rain.

One area, however, yields something much stranger; Great Sand Sea Glass.

Vulcanism, Ancient meteorite impact, ancient thermonuclear strike?! The debate about the origin of the glass is ongoing, but Tutankhamun provides a special contribution.
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Thank you! This fits in with some research I am doing for a book.
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This makes me think of The Sandman.
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Very, very cool. thanks for posting this!

Now I wanna go...
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Oh great, something else for people to crap up and sell on Etsy.

(I kid, I kid! This is gorgeous...)
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Can't wait to see how those dorks from Meteor Men fill an entire show looking for meteors in plain site.
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Alternatively, is it possible that the vitrified desert is the result of atomic war in the ancient past? Could a Tesla-type beam weapon have melted the desert, perhaps in a test?
I swear that I've played that videogame already.
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Some of this stuff ys very beautiful. I too want to thank you for this post.
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Really interesting stuff, and the material itself looks beautiful. Assuming it's a silicate glass its composition would be like opal and it would have some similar visual qualities. Fun to ponder. I'm itching to go hunting for rocks now...
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See also
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