women portrait themselves
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The original time-lapse self portrait? And some modern artists: Enchanting self portraits from Iceland's Rebekka Gaudleifs. Nude self portrait (NSFW) from Israeli artist Roni River. Disturbing stories from Canada's projecteye (NSFW) and magical self-portrait from New Hampshire-based Sarah Ann Loreth.
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Sofonisba Anguissola (from the first link, "The original time-lapse self portrait?") has long been one of my favorite Renaissance painters. Not sure why you're describing her works as "time-lapse", unless it's because her facial expression doesn't change much. To prove that, you'd first have to show that wasn't true of many other portraitists of her time, since self-portraiture (as the link points out) was highly in vogue.
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Interesting post and nice find. Love that first link. Thanks.
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It's pretty easy to grab attention by taking your clothes off, but Sarah Ann Loreth piles them on, creates a floating world, and renders herself immortal -- at least to me.
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Some good stuff, I enjoyed Sarah Ann Loreth's work a lot. One of my faves is Arno Rafael Minkkinen His Water and Sky series
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Thanks for the link to Sarah Ann Loreth's stuff... been a while since I've enjoyed a few photos that much.
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Ditto the kudos to Loreth. She is quite good.
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Thanks for the link to Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir. Everything-Icelandic always interested me, and her photography and drawings are fascinating.
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make me famous
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